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   Chapter 193 Bring Truth To The Surface

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When Nora was chatting with the old master, she remembered something strange and decided to investigate it to see if she could get something unexpected.

The old master was lost in thought and tried to recall something. Because sometimes things happened a little far away from the past, and they were not strange people or things, so sometimes he didn't care them too much.

He racked his brains to recall. Suddenly, he remembered that about a month ago, an ironer had told him that someone asked him which one was the wardrobe of Murphy.

A boss had several assistants, no matter which assistants, would know his clothes and wardrobe very well, so he still remembered this matter.

The old master thought it was a valuable information. He said, "I've known you for a long time, but I don't know your boss's name. Every time you come, it was ironer who takes out clothes."

"My boss is Murphy Jiang," said Nora in a hurry.

Hearing the name, the old master was stunned. "Someone once asked an ironer about the wardrobe of Murphy, but I don't know the specific situation. She just said it casually."

She was a little excited and finally had a clue. "Old master, where is the ironer now? Can you tell me? I'll ask her what happened."

Having known her for a long time, the old master knew her very well. Knowing that she was not a bad girl, he agreed to accompany her to the ironing room to meet that ironer who knew it.

Every time she came to get clothes, she didn't know how they were ironed. This place was really an eye-opener. It was like taking a TV show, and the whole room was shrouded in hot mist.

The temperature inside was much higher than outside. There were steam, electricity, and ancient fire heating method. Every Ironers were so skilled. A tiny backyard was really a secret and interesting place.

The old master led Nora to a woman in her fifties and said, "Magnolia, this girl has something to ask you. You go to the next room with her. I'll do the work here first."

With a big smile on her face, Magnolia said, "No, thanks. I'

came a bad old man. How ridiculous and pathetic his life was!

Recently, he had been coughing in the middle of the night, which was inseparable from his smoking habit developed over the years. Sometimes he felt that this might be retribution.

He was more than 60 years old now, but he didn't have a son and a daughter around him. He had worked in the Daniel's Agency for more than ten years. Was this his burial place?

When it came to death, everyone was afraid. But the natural law of birth, old age, illness and death was a natural rule. No matter how powerful and rich you were, this natural rule couldn't be escaped.

The older he was, the more he hoped to have someone around him. Although there were many people in the ironing room, none of them belonged to his family.

In the whole company, except for the fact that Nora really pitied him, all the other things had nothing to do with him. But this child was also very pitiful. She was also lonely to go to Beijing alone.

Many times, he wanted to tell her the truth about himself, but he didn't have the courage. In life, he was a coward who was looked down upon by everyone. He deserved it.

Now his physical condition was good. He was also trying to recuperate his body and strive for a good health. He wanted to live a few more years and save more money to atone for his sin for the day in the future.

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