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   Chapter 179 See Through It, Don't Reveal It

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In the office of the president of the Sea Rise Group, there was a mysterious guest. He had been working with the group for many years and established Win-Win relationship with the group. His subordinates went back and forth in business, and the president had never shown up.

This time, he came to Beijing for a trip and also to inspect the group. It was not that he didn't believe in their strength, but that the presidents of the companies that had cooperated with each other for so many years hadn't met each other.

It was said that Howard, the former chairman of the Sea Rise Group, was a man of good character, rigorous in work and good care for his subordinates for a long time. Presumably, the new chairman was no worse than him. After all, as the saying goes, "a tiger father will not beget a dog son."

It was not until Hal received a call from the sales manager in the south that he knew their people had arrived in Beijing. According to reliable information, if they were satisfied with this investigation, the cooperation in at least five years later would not be a problem.

When he received the phone call, he was in the hospital with Grace. He accompanied his mother to take the steel nails from her shin. He ordered the manager of the company's foreign department to greet the distinguished guests in person without any neglect.

Hearing his son answering the phone, his voice became unusually serious. The people who came to Beijing for investigation must be extraordinary. In order not to delay their work, Howard asked them to go back to the company first and he would accompanied his wife home.

After arranging everything in the hospital, Hal was about to leave with Grace. At this time, Howard walked up to her and said gently, "The client this time is a partner that we have known and cooperate with for many years. You should entertain him well and not be careless at all. If we can continue to cooperate, it will be a new leap for our company's development."

Feeling a great sense of mission, Grace nodded hard and said, "Don't worry, uncle. I will try my best to help Hal win this important person."

Seeing the two children leave the hospital together, Howard and his wife looked at each other and smiled. "I'm completely relieved with her help. From now on, we will quit the business circle and live a peaceful life in the old age.

to arrange a luxurious suite for Presidents Donald. He liked peace and quiet, and this room was very suitable, which made him feel the sincerity of the president of the group.

No matter where Hal went, Grace would always be with him. Presidents Donald felt strange, but out of politeness, he would not ask him in person. He had solved his doubts.

After walking out of the lounge, there were only two presidents left. They were about the same age, so there were naturally endless topics, not only limited to work, but also daily life.

Looking at the disappearing figure of Grace until the door was closed, Hal turned his head. All this was seen by Presidents Donald. As a man, he knew men's mentality well. He was 100% sure that their relationship was not just the relationship between subordinate and chairman.

Presidents Donald asked jokingly and seriously, "This girl is not simple. She is really efficient. It would be best if we can hire her to our company."

Hal waved his hand and smiled, "You can choose any beautiful woman in the public relations department of our company as you like, but you can't transfer her to anyone else. She is my assistant."

Presidents Donald looked at him with a snicker and said, "She is not only your assistant, but also a capable assistant. If I guess right, she should be the woman you will take care of all your life."

Hal looked at the paper and said, "Don't say it clearly even if you see through it. We are still good friends." After saying that, the two of them smiled at each other and continued the following topic.

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