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   Chapter 170 Keep Your Mouth Shut

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Hal heard someone shouting outside, "Who knows where President Hal is?" When he came to his senses, someone came to him and he left Grace's office in a hurry.

When he came out, he saw Tom Li from the logistics department looking for him. He called Tom Li, "If you can't find me, why don't you know to call me but shout all over the corridor? What's wrong with you?"

Tom Li blushed at his words. "I went to your office. Your assistant told me that you didn't go far. You will hear me if I shout in the corridor. It turns out that it's true."

Her two assistants and Tom Li had been friends for many years. They always joked with each other. Tom Li was honest and he would listen to them whatever they said, so he called him in the corridor.

With some doubts, Hal asked, "What can I do for you?"

Tom Li looked at Hal sincerely and said, "Our logistics department has set a batch of bonus for all departments and employees of the company for the holiday. Only when you sign your name can the financial department approve the payment."

Hal said reluctantly, "These are all discussed by your department manager. I can sign it or not."

Tom Li was in a dilemma. "President Hal, you'd better sign it. Don't you know that the general manager of the financial department is very strict? Every procedure must be complete and indispensable."

Hal said with a smile, "Our company needs such a staff. I have already learned his way of doing things. Well, you go back to my office with me and I'll sign it for you."

Tom Li smiled happily and said, "Thank you, President Hal. You always think from the perspective of employees, so you are deeply loved and supported by the staffs. Thank you sincerely, President Hal. I respect you very much."

Hal joked, "Don't flatter me. As long as you manage the logistics department well, you will make the best contribution to the comp

troubles. Now she was the happiest woman in the world, because her son would always belong to her.

As she packed up her things, she hummed a tune, looking very happy. Seeing her beloved woman behave like this, he was overjoyed.

Murphy got close to her slowly and said, "What happened to you when you came back from the film set? Why are you so happy? Why are you humming a tune? Tell me."

With a smile on her face, she said, "You can guess. If you guess right, there will be a reward."

He thought quickly and carefully about how charming that person could make her change her mood so fast. Suddenly, he remembered something and smiled mysteriously. "If I am right, you must give me a reward."

She smiled knowingly and nodded.

He analyzed with assurance, "At present, the only person who can make you so happy now is little Hugh. Is it time to pick him up at school today?"

It turned out that he knew her well. Hearing his analysis, she felt very happy. At least the man she liked could understand her heart.

In fact, Murphy knew the answer and pretended to be right. He asked to pick up the child today. He hadn't seen him for a long time and missed him in his heart.

Knowing that she couldn't change his decision, she agreed.

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