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   Chapter 169 Gain Forgiveness

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After sending Ken away, Nora returned to the film set. From afar, she saw that Jeanne and Murphy were talking and laughing happily. She could pretend not to see them and go straight to get her suitcase.

However, she couldn't deceive herself. Every time she saw such a scene, her heart would ache. That kind of feeling could never be felt by someone who had never been hurt by love.

Even you drove a BMW car and living in a villa, you couldn't feel the love when your lover carried you across the road. What people said was right. "I wish I could win a man's heart and never separate with him." This was the life what a woman wanted the most.

In a marriage, the woman you loved wasn't afraid of suffering. She was afraid of being betrayed while suffering. Nora felt a little disappointed.

She prayed in her heart, hoping that the women who was as infatuated as herself, and the person they loved in the rest of their life would also love them. This was happiness!

Noticing that Nora was deliberately hiding from him, he quickly walked to her side and said, "Something is not like what you think. I need to clarify it to you when I have time."

She glanced at Jeanne next to her who was waiting Murphy with a faint smile and said, "You don't need to clarify to me. I have never taken those things seriously."

The more anxious he was, the more he showed that there was something in his heart. "Do you want to keep fighting like this? Is this the result you want? Have you ever thought who will be hurt in the end?"

Nora smiled helpless, "I'm not a fool. I won't let others hurt me again and again. If someone doesn't cherish the happiness in front of them, then everything will go with fate."

He knew it was impossible to get her forgiveness as soon as possible. Now the only thing he could let her rest assured was that she was the only girl in his heart. To prove this, he said, "There is nothing between me and Jeanne."

With her brows knitted tightly, Nora relaxed a little and said, "A guilty person gives himself away by conspicuously protesting his innocence. If you know this is the result, why did you lie

g sweet words. I'm telling the truth. If you don't believe me, you can go out and ask others in the company."

Grace was happy, "Even if you say I'm beautiful, I don't have time to talk back to you. Besides, if you ask me to ask the employees of the company, they must laugh at me."

Hal took out the car key and put it on her desk. "I went to bed late last night and woke up late today, so I didn't have time to pick you up. I'm really sorry."

"Nothing. I happened to be on the same way with Nora this morning, so we took a bus to work together."

Hal didn't tell her what was the content of the family meeting held at his home last night, and she didn't ask as well. Maybe sometimes, it was not good to ask, and he would tell her when he wanted to say.

Hal didn't intend to tell her in the company that he wanted to invite her to dinner after work, because it was not a simple thing to talk about in the company.

"Are you free after work today? Would you like to have dinner with me?" said Hal, full of guilt.

At the same time, she also wanted to figure out what was going on, so she agreed, "Okay. Remember to remind me when you get off work. Call me when you pass by. I am easy to forget things recently."

Hal smiled and looked at Grace, "How dare you be an adult in front of me? If you are forgetful, I must have dementia." After saying that, the two of them smiled at each other and fell silent.

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