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   Chapter 168 Telling The Truth

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After finishing his shooting, Murphy looked for where Nora was in the crowd. She usually stood in the place he could see, so that he could see her at a glance.

He quickly glanced at everyone present, but did not find her. When he was wondering, he found that she was talking to a man face to face under the shade of a big tree.

Since it was a little far away, he couldn't hear what they were talking about at all. He wanted to go to her and see who the man was? He didn't look like a staff in the crew.

When he was hesitating whether he should go or not, Jeanne appeared in front of him again. "I went there just now and saw your assistant chatting with a handsome man. They were very happy."

Murphy glanced at Jeanne and ignored her. He hated people who talked about others behind their back the most, but because she was the heroine, he didn't show his hatred when they worked together every day.

Maybe Jeanne said it unintentionally, but Murphy cared about it very much. Her words were like a needle, deeply piercing his heart. He was a man with flesh and blood, thoughts and feelings.

He just watched from afar that his beloved woman was chatting with another man. Judging from their posture, they seemed to be old friends. Otherwise, they wouldn't have chatted for so long and she wouldn't have looked at him.

As a matter of fact, Jeanne noticed the relationship between them. In order to achieve her goal, she had long found that their relationship was not only between the boss and the assistant. Therefore, in order to provoke her again and again.

Of course, Murphy knew nothing about it. Every time he saw that Jeanne was respectful to Nora, he felt that the two girls couldn't get along well, but at least they didn't have any conflict.

He didn't know that it was just a superficial phenomenon. No matter in life or in shooting, Jeanne would pretend and act. No wonder she was an actress. She was like an evil angel, making people have no idea to take precautions agains

same way. He was struggling in his heart, and finally chose to believe that their relationship was invincible.

Now that he chose to believe her, he walked back to the film set with vigorous steps. He found a place where the sun couldn't reach, picked up the script and read it attentively.

Standing aside, Jeanne saw clearly what was going on. She had thought that there would be a good show, but she always made a fool of herself. She thought that the fight was about to begin, but she didn't expect that he would return in the same way and everything returned to peace.

She couldn't figure out why she was not as good as Nora. There were so many two generations of rich businessmen and rich people who could flatter her, but Murphy was not cold to her.

The more he acted like this, the more Jeanne couldn't let go of it. This was the rule. She could never get what she wanted, and she could get what she didn't want. Maybe this was a love game.

She looked at Murphy under the tree, and then looked at Nora not far away. She swore to herself that she would definitely succeed and make him fall in love with her obediently.

Everyone had different thoughts and starting points, but you had to remember that no matter what you did, you had to live up to your conscience in the end. People couldn't have no bottom line.

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