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   Chapter 167 Unwillingness

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The bigger the expectation, the bigger the disappointment. If she was unlucky, God could even make you desperate. Therefore, Grace did not expect to have much chance of winning. She did not want herself to be disappointed.

She had planned for the worst result. The worst result was that she could experience what happened a few years ago again. The relationship that could be defeated should be thrown away as soon as possible. The longer it took, the deeper it hurt herself.

She had made great efforts, and had fought for it. There was no regret in it. The rest was left to the fate to make this decision. If she was lucky, no matter how many difficulties and hardships she had gone through, the good news would come back to her side.

She got up early in the morning and had breakfast with Nora. She dressed up herself, carried her bag and wore high heels. Then she went to work valiantly.

After getting on the bus with Nora, it suddenly occurred to her that Hal would pick her up to work this morning. Things were in a mess every day, and she had completely forgotten about it.

She had planned to call Hal, but there was no seat on the bus. There were so many people going to work in the morning that it was not easy to take out her phone. She thought, 'Forget it. Let's talk about it when we arrive at the company.'

Howard and Susie didn't sleep well because they talked too late at night. They didn't fall asleep until it was almost dawn, so they woke up a little late in the morning.

After the nanny finished cooking, she looked at her watch. It was already half past seven. Why didn't she hear any noise? Normally, at this time, Howard had already practiced Tai Chi in the yard.

Strangely, he didn't see her. This woman usually got up earlier than anyone else. What happened to her today? It was so quiet in the house.

The nanny was thinking that since the breakfast was ready, it would be cold if she didn't eat. She had been the experienced nanny of the Wang Family for many years and was very familiar with this family. Besides, she was afraid of any accident, so she knocked on the door without asking for permission.

The nanny gently knocked on the door for two ti

ox. It had been his habit for many days. Why did the paper run to the box without any reason?

Generally speaking, his secretary would never privately take his belongings. Even when she came to clean them, she would put them in their original positions. Even if she saw the names on the paper, it was not a big deal, let alone put them in the wrong place.

He was full of doubts. How could a full-time secretary make such a stupid mistake? Unless she didn't want this job, or maybe someone saw it and deliberately put them in the wrong position.

Who could it be? Who would be so bored? Hal looked at the two assistants. They were concentrating on their work. If they didn't go back and touch his stuff, what's more, the desk of a chairman couldn't be moved randomly.

Hal had a trouble on his mind. He had to force himself to figure out what he couldn't figure out, otherwise he would feel uncomfortable and depressed.

He asked the two assistants, "When I was not in the company these two days, did anyone come to see me? You two think it over first."

The two assistants looked at each other, as if thinking about something. The two of them said in one voice, "No, I don't remember who came to you."

Hal smiled and said, "Don't worry. Take your time to think about it. There are so many people going in and out every day. Think about it carefully, who is specially coming to see me?"

The assistants were lost in thought. The office was so quiet.

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