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   Chapter 166 Surrounded By Happiness

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The contradiction between Nora and Murphy was getting more and more serious, but deep in her heart, she really didn't want to leave this hard-won feeling. Every night came, it was her most fragile time.

No matter how strong a woman's appearance looked like, there was also a fragile side in her heart. She needed the love and care of a man. If there had a man love her, that woman was willing to be a tomboy and the strongest woman in the world.

Almost every day, Murphy stayed together with Jeanne, because they were the protagonists of the new play, and they had to discuss the shooting or partner's lines all the time.

Now that the shooting was on the right track, he didn't need so many assistants to go back and forth with the crew. He applied that he didn't need an assistant, which meant that Nora didn't need to go to work and could have a rest.

He did this because he felt sorry for her. During this period of time, she had been busy in working with the crew, mentally and physically exhausted. There was also a vacancy in the crew that she did not apply for, and others were one step ahead.

But in the eyes of Nora, Murphy didn't want her to work, so that he could have a fair and aboveboard relationship with Jeanne. Therefore, sometimes women's thoughts were very extreme.

Jeanne annoyed her on purpose. Nora really didn't want to bear her sometimes. But every time at this time, she would think of the future of Murphy. She didn't want to make it a big deal.

With the development of the filming, the hero and the heroine had already fallen in love with each other. Every day, she had to face the two of them, looking at each other affectionately. This was the simplest, and it was a kind of suffering for her.

Although every time they finished shooting, Murphy would come to her as soon as possible. Because of the phone call incident, he hadn't told her yet.

Although she reminded him every time that the most important thing for the two of them to get along with each other was sincerity, he still chose to hide and lie. If he didn't tell her, she wouldn't ask. Contradictions an

na for many days, but she was so busy with her work that she couldn't even have the time. She recalled that she had entered the company alone for the future of Murphy.

At that time, if she hadn't met Aunt Diana, and thanks to her guidance and her prestige in the company, she could easily find the investor, namely Ken Li.

It was destined, not a coincidence. Aunt Diana believed in fate, and she also believed in fate. That was why she had a feeling of familiarity with lily, and that was why she liked her from the bottom of her heart.

At that time, she really admired aunt Diana. She followed her instruction and did it step by step so that Ken could sign his name on the contract smoothly.

Ken really knew little about women. He only knew that he loved her in his heart and disdained what he didn't like, but he couldn't express his feelings for her.

In her heart, Nora regarded him as her own brother, so she acted like a spoiled child in front of him, and she was like a little princess who was spoiled by her brother.

However, Ken didn't think so. They were all adults. He was only a few years older than her, and she was the first girl who could make him fall in love with in his life.

He was completely immersed in this fantasy, surrounded by a sense of happiness. She was the goddess in his heart, and no one could replace her. He would love her and spoil her with his whole life.

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