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   Chapter 163 Family Meeting

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Hal drove Grace's car back home. As soon as he parked the car, he heard the sound of car whistle. It turned out that his sister Jasmine had also come back. He was waiting for her to enter the house together.

When she saw her brother, she shouted happily, "Brother, you're back for the family meeting. Dad called me and asked me to come back. Do you know what he want to discuss?"

He said helplessly, "He must want to discuss the relationship between me and Grace. And the result won't be too optimistic. Everything depends on fate! I have no choice."

She was confused, "I heard that Mrs. Grace talked to me a few days ago and also talked about this matter. Our mother is much better to her than before. Why don't you say that she is not optimistic?"

He glanced at his sister and said, "Let's go inside first! Let's wait and see. You have to unite with me and stand on my side then."

She smiled, showing a pair of little dimples on her face. "From beginning to end, I'm on your side. Brother, don't worry! Happiness belongs to you."

The brother and sister had reached an agreement that they should stand together to fight against the marriage arranged by their parents. In order to strive for their future happiness, they must try their best and stick to it until the end.

When they entered the room, they saw Howard and Susie sitting on the sofa. When they arrived, Howard snapped, "You're becoming more and more lawless. You've grown up. Don't take my words seriously."

He wanted to explain in a hurry, "Dad, I came back as soon as you called. I didn't dare to delay on the way."

Howard scolded, "The most important thing is that you have learned to retort me. Who gave you the courage? Do you still care about me?"

He was completely speechless. He wondered what happened to his father today and who irritated him. He hadn't seen his father lose his temper for so many years.

He looked at his mother for help. Then, Susie understood what he meant and said, "Howard, what's wrong with you? Why do you lose your temper so easily? You're getting old. Don't lose your temper al

s that she wanted him to like her a little.

Seeing that his son was filled with righteous indignation, as if he could abandon his father for the sake of Grace, Howard was annoyed. How could he have such an infatuated son?

He had planned to call his daughter back and help him analyze the situation, but he didn't expect that she also liked Grace very much, because they were at the same age, had common language and hobbies, and they were very congenial.

Not to mention his wife. She used to hate and admire Grace, but now she liked him very much. She was also enchanted by her, thinking that she was really for the good of Hal and for the good of this family.

Howard knew that he couldn't win this war on his own. He firmly believed that his judgment was right and he had to use his right to fight the battle.

He said fiercely, "You three listen to me clearly. From today on, I can't let Grace appear in this house again. If I see her, don't blame me for not reminding you."

Hal felt that his father was serious this time. He didn't object to his father's reasoning now, and there would be no chance in the future. He decided to have a try, even if it would piss his father off.

It was not because he was unfilial as a son, but because his father had gone too far. He had put his speculation on others indiscriminately. It turned out that his father was such an arbitrary person.

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