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   Chapter 160 Misunderstanding

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There was only love in the world that could affect people's mood. Love and hatred were blood relations. If they couldn't get together in the end, they couldn't continue to be friends.

Nora believed that Murphy would not betray her and would not give up their hard-won and regained relationship. They were destined to be together and this was arranged by God. He would definitely defend their love.

It was a sunny day. There was no cloud in the sky. The birds above their heads kept chirping, as if they were cheering for themselves. If someone provoked them, she would not be afraid. After all, she was not easily to be bullied.

What she heard didn't scare her away. Instead, it aroused her desire to challenge. Some things could be endured, or even be compromised, but only love couldn't.

She shook off her hands and strode forward. She would rather go to visit the old master and listen to some philosophy of life than talk about the script with the two of them in the office.

When she was about to come to the laundry, she passed by the supermarket downstairs of the company and bought a cigarette and some delicious food for old master.

From a distance, she saw him sitting under the shade of a tree and enjoying the cool air. When she approached, she found that he seemed to be asleep with his eyes closed. She coughed slightly.

The old master slowly opened his eyes and said, "I'm old and can't do anything. I can fall asleep while sitting. There's only one old bone I left. It seems that I am really useless."

Nora squatted and looked at him, "You can't say that. You're still young. None of the staff in our laundry is as good as you in ironing. You're the best."

The old master opened his turbid eyes, as if he was recalling something? He murmured to himself, "It's right to choose only one thing in my life. The rest is wrong. It's really a sin."

She leaned forward and comforted, "It's time for you to retire and live a happy life at your age.

. He was completely confused. He had called her for too long last night, and he was very upset.

He didn't expect that when he answered the phone call from Jeanne, Nora called him two times at the same time, but he didn't check his phone. No wonder she was different today.

She must have misunderstood him. How could he explain it to her later? But she didn't know that it was Jeanne called him last night, so it was easier to explain. If she knew Jeanne called him, he would be doomed.

She shouldn't have known who was calling him, unless she asked him. He could tell her a lie if she asked and it might be a white lie.

"You go back first. I suddenly remember that I have something to deal with. We can talk about the script together when we have time," said Murphy, absent-minded.

Seeing the expression on his face when he saw the phone, she was sure that there must be some misunderstandings between them. She smiled and said, "Okay, you go to deal with your business first, and we will talk later."

After seeing her off, he quickly called Ryan, "Don't ask me why. If Nora asks you, you must insist that we talked on the phone last night and said that it was less than an hour. Remember, I will explain to you later. I don't have time to explain to you now."

Then he hung up the phone with Ryan.

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