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   Chapter 154 Pour Out Her Trouble

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Today's weather was much cooler than yesterday. The gentle freeze was blowing, making the artists and all the staff on the film set less anxious.

The same day, the same people, the same site, but plots were different like yesterday. There was a relatively intimate scene today, which lasted only a few seconds.

Those who dedicated themselves to art had no feeling about this plot. They attached great importance to shooting, so as good actors, they were suitable to play all kinds of roles and could perform well.

Actors were actors. They had a clear distinction between on and off the stage. On the stage, they were acting a play, but off the stage, they had their own life. A professional actor would not act the role of the play in reality.

Murphy thought he had done a good job. No matter how many women he had pretended to flirted with during the process of filming, or even the erotic scenes, he would immediately return to reality when the director yelled "Cut."

It was precisely because of these facts that others regarded him as an arrogant madman, an arrogant playboy. They thought he was cold-blooded, didn't understand love and was difficult to communicate with.

In fact, they just couldn't understand him. His real character was not like this. He was completely different in front of different people.

Jeanne was an enthusiastic and unrestrained woman. She got western education, because she grew up in the United States. After graduation, she returned to China with her father.

She loved acting very much since she was a child, so she chose to be an actress. She was beautiful, came from a rich family and had a strong background. Naturally, her acting career went smoothly and she developed well. She was also a little famous in the entertainment circle.

She couldn't wait to shoot with him this time. She had heard that the cold prince Murphy in the entertainment circle was very handsome. She had only seen him on TV, and she was even more attracted to him in reality.

Compared with Murphy occurred on t

w that Murphy would not talk about anything other than acting with other women. She believed him, but she did not believe all kinds of women.

The film set was very close to the Sea Rise Group. Walking on the street, she felt so helpless and insignificant now. Thinking of Grace, she took out her mobile phone and said, "Where are you? I'm a little annoyed."

Grace said in worried tone, "What's wrong with you? Are you feeling uncomfortable again? It was not too hot today. Did you get sunstroke again? I told you to rest today, but you didn't listen to me. Are you feeling bad again?"

Nora listened what she said carefully, "I didn't get sunstroke. I'm fine. I just feel a little uncomfortable."

Grace joked, "Did he offend you again?"

She replied, "I don't know. Anyway, I'm very upset."

As she was talking to Grace on the phone, Nora strolled slowly. Suddenly, the whistle of a car came from behind her. She dodged subconsciously, but soon she realized that she was walking on the sidewalk.

She slowly turned around and saw a familiar fancy car. It was Hal.

Hal stopped the car beside her and poked his head out with a smile. "Why are you here? Where did you go?"

Nora said with a smile, "Our team is shooting a movie here, so I have a rest here. There's nothing else to do now, I'll turn around and see the beautiful city, Beijing."

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