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   Chapter 153 Pondering Over The Meaning Of The Words

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After cooking the porridge, Grace came in and held the porridge. Seeing the two people were intimate at this moment, she couldn't help joking, "I'm here to send porridge. Did I disturb you two?"

Murphy loosed Nora's hand quickly and felt embarrassed, "Thank you for taking care of her for me. I'll treat you to dinner another day."

"I have to clarify this matter. I treat her as my sister, not replace you. No one can replace your kindness to her."

Looking at her, Murphy gave her a thumbs up and said, "You are so eloquent. I admire you." After saying that, he took the bowl from the hand of her and helped Nora sit up. He wanted to feed her.

It was the first time that Nora had been fed by someone since she was a child. She felt a little embarrassed. She wondered how good he had been to her during the four years of college. When she had been sick and he had bought her medicine, she had been grateful to him.

Murphy blew every spoon gently and asked whether it was hot or not. He was afraid that it would scald her. Seeing this, Grace standing aside felt relieved. Then she went to the kitchen to have dinner and didn't stay here.

After Nora was full, she leaned against the bed. After sending the bowl to the kitchen, Murphy came back and saw her close her eyes again. He pushed her and said, "You can't sleep after you had meals. It's not good for your health."

Nora opened her eyes, "I feel a little tired. Close my eyes for a while. I'm not sleeping."

"Are you feeling better now?" he asked with concern.

"Much better than before. I'm much better now," said Nora, nodding her head.

Seeing her like this, Murphy said, "Don't go to the venue tomorrow. Have a rest at home for a day. Go to work after you recover. Health is the most important."

Nora felt awkward, "If I don't go to work, who will do so much work? I'll have a rest tonight. If I don't feel uncomfortable tomorrow, I'll go to work."

Looking at the stubborn woman, Murp

terday that she was definitely not a simple person. Maybe something bad would happen in the company.

Nora couldn't look at her eyesight, because every time Jeanne looked at Murphy, she felt strange. It was a woman's intuition that told her to be careful of her.

One actress only had one assistant, this was the company's rule for so long. But Jeanne broke the rule when she came to the company. However, other departments had no objection, and Ryan and others could not say anything.

Several fancy cars set off. The banner of Daniel's Agency was waving in the wind, passing through the streets and alleys of Beijing.

Nora sat next to Murphy. The driver drove steadily. Since her heart was not in a state, her mind was always filled with Jeanne's eyesight.

"What are you looking out of the window? It's a waste of resources not to look at such a handsome man in the car."

Nora rolled her eyes at him and said, "You are so narcissistic. I really don't know who gives you so much confidence."

Murphy said with a wry smile, "Don't you like me?"

Nora laughed, "I know whether you are in my eyes or not, but I know if anyone is in your eyes."

Murphy was confused by what she said. For a moment, he couldn't understand what she meant?

Pursing her lips, Nora said, "Think about it yourself."

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