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   Chapter 134 The Fear Of Losing

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The sound of long flute broke the silence in the office. Then, Nora's phone rang. She took out her phone and said, "Brother Li, are you downstairs now?"

A very attractive man's voice came from the other end of the phone, "You asked me to pick you up at half past eleven. I came to pick you up on time."

"You are really a punctual man. I'm in the second office on the third floor. Wait for me upstairs. I'll change my clothes and then we'll go," said Nora with a smile.

After hanging up the phone, she told Murphy, "Someone will pick me up later. That's Brother Li. I'm going to change my clothes and attend Aunt Diana's birthday."

After saying that, she quickly left the office and went straight to the dressing room next door. She disappeared in an instant without the consent of Murphy.

In just three minutes, a mature and steady middle-aged man came into the office. He looked about forty years old and seemed to be a successful man at a glance.

When Brother Li saw Murphy, he asked with a smile, "Is here Nora's office?"

"Yes, she is my private assistant," said Murphy.

Brother Li was suddenly enlightened and said, "Oh, you are Murphy. No wonder you look familiar. You are a new star in the current film and television circle, and I will occasionally watch your shooting."

"I'm flattered. I'm just a nobody."

Brother Li said, "You're too modest. Daniel's Agency has a close relationship with our company."

"Who are you?" he asked in surprise.

Brother Li smiled and said, "I'm Ken Li, the manager of the financial department of the Sea Rise Group."

When Murphy heard these words, he was suddenly confused. He was the sponsor of the last play. The whole public relations department failed to win it, and only Nora was able to deal with it. The two of them actually had contact.

Seeing that Murphy didn't say a word, Ken Li continued to ask, "Mr. Murphy, what new movie are you sh

arrogance like before. It turned out that he had never met an excellent man. The only thing in the world was excellent people. Only by improving himself and becoming more outstanding could he defeat other excellent men.

Now that there was a new change in his heart, he would never let her leave him. No matter how much he had to pay, he would never let her leave him.

What's more, he had to constantly improve himself, make himself better and stronger, and defeat all his competitors. This was also a moment to show the charm of a man.

In fact, he knew that no matter how firm a relationship was, if he didn't protect it well, the consequences would be unimaginable after being invaded by the new forces from the outside world.

Talking about love only by words was the weakest kind of emotional sustenance. Humans were fickle species. No matter time or environment, they could change a person, including love.

It had only been a few months since he fell in love with her. He was really not that kind of strong and unrelenting relationship. He was afraid that the fortress of love would collapse at any time and he would lose his life here.

Thinking of this, cold sweat broke out on his back. He couldn't believe that he could be the kind of man that Nora wanted.

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