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   Chapter 131 Ode To The Lotus Flower

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Sitting on the sofa idly and fiddling with the two magazines beside her, Nora could see that if he didn't shoot, his life would be particularly boring and dim.

Only in the process of shooting can we see the charming Murphy, each role is incisively and vividly played by him.

She knew deeply that if he left the entertainment circle, he would lose his freedom. He was born for the stage. She couldn't be selfish enough to make him quit and give up his favorite career for her.

So she made up her mind to be the woman he liked. She must try her best to support him and encourage him in work and life.

Seeing that Nora was looking at him, he asked casually, "Why don't you work hard? Why are you looking at me? Is there anything on my face worth your attention?"

"No, I have something to discuss with you, but I've made up my mind. I think it's better to tell you."

"Now that you've made up your mind, it's the same whether you tell me or not, isn't it?"

"Of course it's different. It proves that you have a place in my heart, because I have to do it, so I agreed, but I have to tell you that."

"I don't understand what you are thinking about."

"No matter whether my words have logic or not, I have to tell you. I think it's necessary to tell you everything I have done."

"Oh, maybe this is the psychological logic of your women," said Murphy.

"Tomorrow is Aunt Diana's birthday. I'm going to celebrate her birthday. Can you go with me?"

Murphy said, "I can't go there tomorrow. I've arranged everything tomorrow. I'm going to see a famous director. I'm sorry. You can go to her birthday by yourself and bring my wishes to her."

"I know you're busy. You're a busy man. No one is as busy as you. You are busier than the president of the country."

Hearing this, a smile appeared on his face. He said, "If only I were busier than the p

talents deeply. Perhaps she was afraid that others would see her sharpness and hurt her.

The painting, '"Ode to the Lotus Flower", was dried in less than an hour in the sun. Nora was an extremely efficient woman.

She found a framed office not far from the company's downstairs and told the owner to book it in a hurry and come to pick it up tomorrow morning. If there was an emergency, the boss agreed without hesitation.

After everything was arranged, she was relieved. The birthday gift for Diana had been settled, and she didn't need to buy anything.

She paid the full amount, afraid that her boss would waste time. If she paid the full amount, he would pay attention to it and finish the urgent thing as soon as possible.

The gift she prepared seemed to be a little big, and she couldn't take it alone. Tomorrow, Murphy didn't have time, so she wondered who could help her.

At this moment, Brother Li called and said, "When will you get off work tomorrow? I'll pick you up by the way. I'm afraid that you can't find your home and if you get lost, I'll come to you."

"Okay, Brother Li. Come to pick me up in Daniel's Agency at eleven o'clock tomorrow morning. Let's go back to celebrate Aunt Diana's birthday together."

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