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   Chapter 129 I Have No Choice

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Since Murphy knew that the senior executives of the company had joined hands to fire Nora. At the same time, she had to leave the company at the end of the month, as you could imagine that how anger he was in his heart.

Several people who knew the inside information didn't dare to mention it in front of him at all. A word about it might accidentally ignite his anger and make him out of control.

The company accepted the huge work of scriptwriter Zhao this time. They reached an agreement and this propose passed unanimously. The hero was played by Murphy, and the heroine was also a popular star, and even the supporting actresses were potential artists.

After receiving the notice, Ryan's mind was in a mess. He knew it would be the result, because in the Daniel's Agency, no one dared to snatch his position.

It was such a tough task, and the company had handed it over to him. Recently, his own department had really been in a continuous flow of uncontrollable situation.

Agent Shaw didn't have outstanding actors and actresses, so his department couldn't be recognized by the company's top managers. However, he was a senior manager, so the top managers turned a blind eye to his involvement in other departments.

Now, in front of the boss, Agent Shaw was so confident and swore that he could kick Nora out of the company and let her leave the company at the end of the month. There were only two days left.

To his surprise, the spies sent by him had found out the truth. He was puzzled that Nora went to work and off duty as usual, as if nothing had happened.

Ryan was as anxious as an ant on a hot pan. He was on pins and needles. He was in a dilemma because of Murphy. No one could afford to offend him.

In the office, Murphy was not in the mood to read the script at all. He threw the script aside and began to play the game with interest.

Sitting not far away from him, Nora was absent-minded looking through the

e sponsor of the shooting?"

Ryan said, "Oh, I remember it. It's just that the public relations department can't get the sponsor. You solved it all by yourself. It's the mother of General Manager Li form the Sea Rise Group."

"You are so smart. She's a respected old lady. Even president of the Sea Rise Group would show some respect to her. She's the founding official of the group."

Ryan said in surprise, "Even the chairman of such a big group has to show respect to her, which is enough to prove that she is not a simple person. She must be a woman with story."

"Her story can't be finished in three days and nights. I'll tell you when I have time. You can learn her legendary story."

Ryan looked at Nora and said, "No wonder you are not afraid of being fired. With the support of such a big shot like her, it's easy for you to find a good job."

"You think too much, Agent Ryan. I don't want to be promoted by anyone. I have to work hard on my own, so that I can get what I want."

Ryan smiled and said, "I'm just kidding. I know what kind of person you are. You're different from other women."

"As long as I won't betray my conscience, no matter what I do, I will feel relief. I don't expect other people's charity or praise. I'm serious about myself and live my own life."

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