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   Chapter 128 Real Sentiment

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Hal hurried to find Grace in her office, only to find several assistants were busy with their work, but no one saw her.

He coughed slightly and heard the assistant say, "Hello, President Hal." Then he went back to work.

Grace walked to him gently and sat on the sofa at the same time. He said, "Why do you ask me to come here? I'm also discussing something important in my office."

"Your mother called me and asked me to go to the rehabilitation center with her if I have time."

Hal couldn't believe what he had heard. He quickly said, "Make it clear. Say it again!"

Grace said it louder, "Your mother called me and asked me to go to the rehabilitation center with her."

Hal smiled and said, "What's wrong with this old lady? She called you but didn't call me. Am I still her son? Have you bribed my mother?"

"No, she hasn't spoken to me for a few days. It's me and your father who are talking about her situation. Who knows what happened this time?"

Hal looked at her and said, "This is what we want to see. It seems that it is developing towards our plan."

"Should I go or not?"

Hal said, "Of course you should go. Isn't this the result we want?"

Then the two separated. One went downstairs and drove to the rehabilitation center, and the other went back to his office.

Grace had promised to call Susie back later, so when she waited for the red light on the road, she told her, "I'll be at your home soon."

After receiving the phone call, Susie was very happy. She quickly called Howard and said, "Grace will arrive soon. You'd better hurry up to pack up what you need to bring."

Seeing the happy look on Susie's face, Howard muttered to himself, 'Why does this woman change her mind so fast? It's true that a woman's heart is complicated.'

Hearing the sound of the car whistle, Susie stood up in a hurry. Seeing that Grace trotted into the house, she knew that the child was good to her from t

was waiting for her in the company.

Hal's major meeting was finally over. The two groups finally reached an agreement that they would never destroy the win-win cooperation between the two groups in terms of profit.

They cheered up together and congratulated the cooperation. Then they all left, leaving only Hal alone in the office.

He was lying on the sofa listlessly. Since Grace didn't come back and he was not in the mood to eat, he seemed to have lost his dignified appearance.

Suddenly, he heard the familiar sound of high heels. It was getting closer and clearer. She knocked the door. Hal was greatly sure that it must be Grace.

Since it was off duty time, there was almost no staff in the company except for the ones on duty. When Grace came to his office, she saw him lying on the sofa and rushed to him.

Seeing the happy look on her face, Hal held her tightly, stroked her hair and said affectionately, "If I'm not wrong, you succeed today, right?"

"Auntie finally talked to me today, and she was very enthusiastic to me. She is really different from before. I'm so happy."

Hal smiled and said, "Silly girl, you moved her with your real actions. Your efforts will be rewarded. We still have a long way to go in the future. Let's work together to face it."

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