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   Chapter 127 Surrender

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After a fierce struggle in her mind, Susie finally let go of her so-called arrogance and dignity, and decided to call Grace tomorrow morning to accompany her to the rehabilitation training center.

After a whole day's hard work, Susie knew that Howard was really tired, and she was also tired. When she came back home, the servants had prepared the food, and after having dinner, they went to sleep early.

It was true that people who had nothing to worry about would definitely feel at ease when they slept. That night, Susie slept very soundly, feeling unprecedentedly comfortable.

When Susie woke up, it was already dawn. She looked at the clock on the wall and found that it was almost seven o'clock. She turned around and saw that Howard was still sleeping soundly. She didn't have the heart to wake him up.

She slowly put on her clothes, gently got out of bed, and quietly walked out of the bedroom. She walked slowly because her leg was injured. She wanted to make some breakfast for her husband.

Yesterday, the servant had family matters and asked for a leave, so she had to make breakfast by herself. She warmed two bags of milk and was about to fry two eggs, but who would have thought that her hands was too slippery. She didn't take the bowl well and fell to the ground with a bang.

The sound of the bowl falling on the floor was loud, waking up Howard who was sleeping. He stood up and rushed to the kitchen, seeing that Susie was trying to pick up the pieces of the bowl.

Howard grabbed her hand and said anxiously, "Be careful that your hand will be scratched. Your leg hasn't recovered yet, why do you want to make breakfast? Do you want to go to the hospital again?"

Startled by a sudden roar, Susie stood up in a hurry. Because she exerted too much strength, she felt a pain in her leg, so she endured it and did not make any sound.

Howard helped her sit on the sofa and said, "Can you be quiet? You'd better stop busying yourself. When your leg recovers, you have plenty of time to c

. Just wait patiently."

He was thinking that it was not easy for Susie to call Grace in person, and it would be more difficult for her to wait for his reply. Her thoughts had changed.

She came to the door of Hal's office and knocked two times. She knew that there were important people inside and they were discussing something important, but it was not an easy matter.

After entering the office, she put a document on Hal's desk and said, "President Hal, this document is urgent. If you have time, you can read it first. It will take you a few minutes." Then she went out.

Hal knew that there must be something wrong, or she wouldn't have come in so easily. During the meeting or discussing important matters, all the mobile phones of the staff were muted.

He looked at the document and saw a small note in it. It said that if there was something urgent to discuss with him, she waited for him in the office.

When the discussion came to an end, Hal said with a smile, "You can discuss with each other and what we should do next. It has no conflict with the interests of our two groups."

He stood up and told an old man beside him, "I'll go out for a while. I'll be back soon."

People in the meeting room thought he had gone to the toilet, so they didn't care about it. They were talking about what they had just discussed.

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