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   Chapter 126 Unchanged In Mind

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Susie woke up before dawn. She tossed and turned, unable to fall asleep. Her mind was in a mess.

Howard was woken up by her tossing and turning. He turned on the light and found it was less than four o'clock. He guessed that she must have something on her mind.

Howard asked in a low voice, "Why do you wake up so early? Do you have something on your mind?"

"I don't know. I can't fall asleep when I wake up. I don't have anything on my mind. I just feel uncomfortable as if I have drunk oil."

Howard said, "Don't think too much. Go back to sleep. It's still early."

Turning her back to Howard, she said, "Okay, I know. You can sleep a little longer."

A few minutes later, Howard snored and fell asleep again, but she didn't feel sleepy at all. She kept awake until dawn.

Finally, it was dawn. Susie got up early and waited on the sofa.

Howard packed up his things and showed his bag to Susie. He let her check whether he forgot to bring anything with him or not.

He said, "Is there anything I forgot?"

"How can I know what you need to take with you? The doctor hasn't told me. You should know," said Susie, looking at him in confusion.

Howard said, "I don't know the details of the doctor's instructions. Grace knows it."

"Isn't she going with us?"

Howard said, "There's no need for her to go. Why do you always let her go for no reason? She is very busy. Just call her later."

Hearing Howard's words, Susie was speechless. What he said actually made sense. Grace had tried her best to take care of her, but there was no benefit for her.

Howard took out his phone and dialed Grace's number.

"Uncle, what's up?" she asked politely.

Howard asked with a smile, "Today we are going to the rehabilitation center for training. Do you need anything else? Or do you have any matters to pay attention to?"

"You can take your membership card with you. When you get there, ask th

ubborn that she didn't say anything soft. Moreover, Grace didn't owe them anything. Why should she listen to her order?

Susie felt that this was a serious problem and she had to think it over from the beginning.

Howard was exhausted after a whole day's work. After all, he was already more than 60 years old. It would be good if he didn't get tired after running back and forth.

He held Susie's hand and walked out of the rehabilitation center. He stopped a taxi and told the driver to get off. He leaned against the back of the seat and fell asleep unexpectedly.

Looking at Howard, who was so tired that he fell asleep, Susie felt very uncomfortable. Because of her recovery training, he was so tired that he could fall asleep easily.

She looked at her husband with concern. His hair was gray and he was more than 60 years old. How many years could they still be together? Maybe this was not the case now.

In fact, Susie knew in her heart that all these just needed her own words, like a thin piece of window paper, as long as she lightly stabbed it, it would be broken.

Howard's snore hurt her heart. She really didn't want to see her husband so tired with her at such an old age.

The taxi driver sent the two of them home. They were really tired today.

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