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   Chapter 122 Rehabilitation Training

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Hal was not very busy in the company recently, so he would come to the hospital to have a look if he had time. Because every day, Grace reported to him about the situation in the hospital, and he knew it was time for him to appear.

Today was the day that Susie was discharged from the hospital. Early in the morning, Hal and Jasmine came to the hospital. Grace quickly packed up all her things.

"I've completed my task. I'll officially go back to work tomorrow," Grace said to Hal with a smile.

Hal said, "It's been so many days. Thank you. You can have a rest tomorrow. Don't rush to work. There's nothing to deal with in the company at this time. Just leave it to them."

Then, Grace looked at Howard and said, "Uncle Howard, Auntie is discharged from the hospital today. There's only rehabilitation training left in the future. I hope you can recover as soon as possible."

Howard smiled and said, "Thank you for your hard work these days, kid."

Grace smiled, "I'm going home. Have a good sleep. See you."

She drove her car and disappeared in the crowd.

Hal drove his mother home. After leaving home for a while, he came back home all of a sudden. Susie felt so lonely that she rarely ate the food cooked by servants, because she cooked by herself before she got hurt.

It was the first meal that Susie had when she came back home. She didn't feel bad, nor did the food cooked by the servants. But somehow, she always felt strange.

This time, it was designed by Hal and Grace, which was also one of their plans. Knowing that she couldn't live without her now, they deliberately let her go home to rest after leaving the hospital.

In the hospital, Susie looked at Grace who was efficient every day. Now when she came back home, the servants packed up their things slowly and unhurriedly. She was a little upset and flustered.

In particular, Hal and Jasmine had gone to work, and she was left alone in the bedroom. The doctor said that there should have one person to accompany he

eel so complicated.

The waiter smiled and said, "Sir, you don't have your ID card and medical record. You can't get a VIP card. Please go back again and bring all the things you need. Then you can come here to register for practice.

Howard had no choice but to take Susie home. Bearing the anger, she didn't know what to do. She was at such an old age, and her legs were injured, and she was still running back and forth.

Howard knew that Susie must feel uncomfortable, so he came to persuade her, "Let's go out today to relax. We have been in the hospital for so many days and it's boring."

"Call our son and ask him to go with us tomorrow. The people in the rehabilitation center think we are old and know nothing, so they deliberately torture us."

Howard smiled and said, "You are wrong. No matter how old you are, as long as you go there to take part in the recovery exercise, I see. You must go to the front desk to register."

Susie mumbled, "Nowadays, young people always think that the elderly know nothing and deliberately torture us back and forth. Don't you believe it?"

Howard smiled and said, "You still have the same thought. Now it's a business model. They all want to make money. Why don't they apply for a card for us and torture us back and forth? We should have this procedure, but we don't know it."

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