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   Chapter 121 Slightly Changed

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Grace asked for a long leave to take care of Susie in the hospital. She cooked delicious food for her every day and tried her best to make her happy. All the patients in the hospital mistook her as Susie's daughter.

"That's how a daughter treats her mother. I really admire them." Every time she heard such words, Grace would smile awkwardly. She wanted to explain, but she didn't know how.

Although sometimes Susie would ignore her when she was in a bad temper, however, every time she prepared the food, Susie would eat up.

Grace was not afraid of dirty and exhaustion. She would bear hardship without complaint and took care of Susie whole-heartedly. Howard quietly peered at everything what she had done. Since Grace came here, he didn't need to care about anything.

No matter what happened, Grace always thought it for Howard, and she was very considerate. In Howard's heart, she was really a good girl.

In the past few days, Susie felt more happier, because under the careful care of Grace, the doctor told her she could take off the plaster and walk on the ground after two days.

Susie said happily, "Thank you, doctor. Thank you so much."

The doctor smiled and said, "You don't have to thank me. If you want to thank me, you have to thank the girl beside you." After saying that, the doctor looked at Grace next to her.

Grace smiled, "It's not a big deal. It's what I should do as the younger generation."

The doctor told Grace, "Don't let her walk in a hurry after removing the plaster in two days. She needs to recover slowly. If she gets too anxious and the bone doesn't grow well and cracks again, the consequences will be serious."

Grace nodded, "Okay, I'll remember it."

The doctor continued, "The process of recovery is the most torturing. The patient must be accompanied by someone all the time. At home or to the recovery center, remember to keep the progress of recovery in mind every day."

"I remember what you said. Don't worry."

Susie was lying on the bed and listening to the conversation between the doctor and Grace. She felt very uncomfortable in her heart. She had been in hospital

absolutely useful. When you want to lose your temper, you have to learn to control it. Take a deep breath and exhale again. You can suppress the anger after you do it three times."

Thinking of what had happened at that time, although Susie glanced at Grace angrily, as long as she wanted to lose her temper in the future, she would see her use the method taught by Grace to control her temper.

Howard thought about what had happened in the past and looked at the change of her attitude towards Grace. He hoped that one day, she would put down her prejudice against Grace and treat her as her own child.

Having been in the hospital for so many days, she had done her best every day. Susie had never given her a smile, but she still took good care of her without any complaint.

People's hearts were made of flesh and blood. It was very soft. In fact, Susie had no so much hostility to her. Just because of her stubbornness for a lifetime, how could she admit defeat to a young girl?

Time could prove everything. With her practical actions, she won the praise of Howard. In recent days, he had been talking to her with a smile.

When Grace was not around, Howard persuaded, "Let them do whatever they like! They have their freedom to choose their love. We are old now. It's time for us to retire and enjoy ourselves."

Hearing these words, Susie would be silent for a while. She needed time to convince herself.

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