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   Chapter 120 Stubborn

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When Nora arrived at Ryan's office, she knocked on the door and pushed it open.

Ryan sat on the sofa and said, "You're here. I've been waiting for you for a long time. Come and sit on the sofa."

"Sorry for bothering you and thank you for your time," said Nora.

Ryan said, "It's okay. What do you want to say? Just tell me!"

"Some time ago, Agent Shaw had a talk to me. He said that I have to leave the company at the end of this month. He told me that this is the company's rule."

Ryan looked at her and said, "Oh, it's not a rumor. It's true!"

Nora said, "It's a foregone conclusion. I can't change it anymore. I have to leave the company, but I'm afraid that Murphy will make trouble because of my leave, so I want to discuss with you because you are his best friend."

Ryan said, "I know his feelings for you are not just acting according to circumstances. He really loves you so deeply, but this is the decision of the company, and no one can do anything about it."

"That's why I came to you to discuss what to do with this matter and the best solution."

Ryan scratched his head and said, "This is really a thorny problem. We have to think about it carefully. We can't make any mistake, or it will do no good to anyone."

Nora said, "After so many things, in fact, it doesn't matter whether I work in the company or not. I can develop in other places if I leave the company, but he is different than me."

Ryan said, "Yes, Daniel's Agency is the place where he chases his dreaming. If he leaves the company, all his previous efforts will be in vain. Even if he wants to continue to develop in the entertainment circle, I'm afraid that other companies won't accept him."

Nora said helpless, "I know how dangerous the gossip in the entertainment circle is. If he leaves the company, he might disappear in the entertainment circle for the rest of his life."

Ryan nodded and said, "Yes, that's what I want to express."

Nora said, "Now the key is that I can

Ryan answered the phone and said with a smile, "Please don't be angry, director. We are discussing about the script. I will reply to you in two days at the latest."

The director said angrily, "You'd better hurry up, or I can't help you when scriptwriter Zhao changes his mind and wants to sign a contract with another company."

Ryan hurriedly explained, "You are right. Thanks for reminding me. Now there are so many brokerage companies, and the work of scriptwriter Zhao is so great. It's our company's honor to be handed over to us."

The director smiled and said, "I often cooperate with your company, so if I have any good work, I will definitely think of you first. However, how can the actors of your company be arrogant?"

Ryan said, "How dare us? The main reason is that the actors are tired recently and haven't finished the script in time, so they delayed for two more days."

The director said, "It's easy for you to say that. It will take two days. Do you know how much loss we and your company will suffer if we start shooting normally in two days?"

Ryan said anxiously, "Okay, director. We'll contact you as soon as possible. Please don't worry."

After hanging up the phone, Ryan cursed, "Damn it! A damn director and a damn scriptwriter are all making trouble for me. They really piss me off."

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