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   Chapter 117 Forced To Leave

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The main purpose of the company's decision to let Nora leave the company was to force her to leave Murphy. Nora knew better than anyone else.

It was not enough to express her feelings at this moment even the world was falling apart. After coming out of Agent Shaw's office, she was wondering where she should go.

The world was so big, however, there was no place belonging to her. God gave her a happy and sweet love. Why did the God take it back in such a short time?

She used to be so stubborn and arrogant, but now she was so humble and inferior, begging to stay, but there was no hope at all. Agent Shaw answered so affirmatively.

Five days passed quickly. The result was so cruel that she couldn't stand it. How could she face it in just five days? How?

The two of them suffered a lot at the same time. Nora didn't want to tell him now that she had to spend the next five days in pain.

She wanted to tell him later, so that she wouldn't suffer a bit less painful. After she left the company, it was all depend on his perseverance in the future.

If you loved the one you loved, you should love everything about him, regardless of his advantages or disadvantages.

Nora tried her best not to mention this topic. She was afraid that she would make a regretful decision because she couldn't control her emotions for a while, so she tried to make herself look happy.

She took a look at Murphy. There was a burning heart hidden under his cold appearance. He loved her so deeply, but how could she bear to hurt him now?

She remembered that she would leave him five days later. Her heart ached. How could she face every day in the future?

She stood up from the computer, walked to the coffee machine, skillfully made a cup of bitter coffee without sugar for him, walked to him and handed it to him.

He didn't know that after she left, there would be another girl to take over

with others by some means."

"It's okay. I just asked. I remembered it because I heard it from others."

Ryan said, "In a word, he's not a good man. You'd better not have any relationship with him."

Murphy nodded and said, "I understand. It's just a casual question. There's nothing to talk about."

Ryan smiled and said, "I won't delay your work. I'll go back to work later. It's time to get off work. Remember to read the script when you have time. I'm still waiting for my reply."

"Okay, I see. You go ahead with your work. I'll call you after I see it."

After Ryan left, only Murphy was left in the office. He suddenly felt extremely irritable and restless, as if something was about to happen.

A bolt of lightning streaked through the sky, followed by a muffled thunder. It seemed that it was really going to rain.

The sullen weather made people feel extremely hot, which made his mood fall to the bottom of the valley with the change of the weather. He felt a little pain in his head.

He put down his work and walked to the window, trying to relax himself.

No matter what happened to her, as long as he knew it, he would try his best to help her. Now he didn't want to think too much. When she went to work, everything would be clear.

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