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   Chapter 116 Unkindness

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The weather was so sultry, as if it was going to rain. The gloomy weather, like the current mood of Murphy, was extremely irritable and depressed. At this time, he felt that it was good to have a sunny day.

With a heavy heart, he went back to his office. When he saw the door open, he thought that she couldn't come back so soon. Absolutely not!

When he arrived at his office, he saw Ryan sitting on the sofa, seeming to be almost asleep.

He asked Ryan, "When did you come here?"

Ryan stretched himself and said, "I've been here for a long time. The door of your office is open, but there's no one else. Where have you been? I have something to tell you, but you are not here at that time."

Murphy asked, "Wasn't Nora in the office when you came?"

Ryan said, "No one. Don't you understand what I mean?"

Murphy felt that he didn't know what to say. Since he saw that there was something on her mind, he became absent-minded because of her.

He looked at Ryan and asked, "What can I do for you?"

Ryan said, "Do you still remember scriptwriter Zhao? He has written a movie recently and wants to find you as the hero. He called me yesterday and I came to discuss with you."

Murphy said, "Read the script first. If it's appropriate, take it. It's up to you! You don't have to discuss with me. Anyway, our company hasn't received any good movie script recently."

Ryan smiled and said, "I have to discuss with you anyway. You have a lot of things to deal with. If the arrangement is repeated, it's not good for anyone. If there's no problem, I'll ask him to send the script here. When we have time, we'll study it in detail."

Murphy said, "Okay, you can arrange it. You are my agent. I believe you."

Ryan said, "That's right. You must trust me. We have cooperated for many years, and our tacit understanding in all aspects has reached."

With a smile on his face, Murphy said, "We've been friends for many years. I

on the sofa, reading a magazine leisurely.

After she knocked on the door and came in, she closed the door casually. Agent Shaw pointed at a stool next to her and motioned her to sit down.

Agent Shaw looked at her and said, "Tell me the result after considering about that matter."

With a scornful smile, she said, "The company has made decision for me. What's the point of thinking about it?"

Agent Shaw said, "In that case, you have nothing to say about that matter, right?"

"I'm just an ordinary employee of the company. It's up to the top managers of the company to decide whether to leave or stay. No matter what I think or say, it's useless."

Agent Shaw said, "That's it. The company asked you to resign at the end of this month. You have an idea. Today is 25th. There are only a few days left."

It was said that she wanted to resign at the end of the month. It was too sudden and too fast. Even if the patient had an incurable cancer, the result would not be faster.

She looked at Agent Shaw and said, "If I don't leave the company, what can I do or pay for it?"

With a fake smile, Agent Shaw said, "This result doesn't exist, because you have to leave the company."

She was thinking that the decision of the company's top managers might not be too inhuman.

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