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   Chapter 114 A Good Start

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Carrying a vacuum cup, Grace came to the door of the ward where Susie lived. It was very quiet because she lived in the intensive care unit. When she was about to knock on the door, she heard a quarrel inside.

She didn't eavesdrop on purpose. There was a quarrel inside. If she went in, the two of them would be embarrassed, and she would also feel embarrassed. So she decided not to go in until they finished.

In fact, they quarreled because of some trivial things, which made no sense. Between couples, it had no meaning if one side was win or lost. If one side won for a while, they would feel happy. What they lost might be the other party's dependence and trust on you.

Susie kept nagging. But Grace rarely heard Howard's voice. Susie must thought that Howard was unwilling to submit if he didn't say anything, so she didn't let him go.

Grace couldn't stand it anymore. She really wanted to push the door open and come in. But on second thought, Susie would misunderstand her for eavesdropping on their conversation, and the misunderstanding to her would be deeper.

Things were always so coincidental. The nurse came to make the rounds of the ward. When she saw that Grace didn't get in, she said unintentionally, "Miss Grace, you are here. Why don't you go in?"

The nurse's sudden voice startled her.

"I just arrived. I'm about to get in," Grace said with a smile.

Hearing someone talking outside, the quarrel immediately stopped. The nurse entered the ward with Grace. At this time, when she saw Grace coming, her expression was more gloomy.

"Nice to meet you, uncle Howard and auntie Susie. I've made pork chop soup for you."

With a smile on his face, Howard said, "Grace, we're glad that you're here. It's troublesome to stew soup."

"Uncle Howard, it's not troublesome. I like to cook when I'm not busy at work."

The nursing station was at the bedside and asked Susie to lie down. She wanted to measure her body temperature and check how her wound was healing. The nurse said while checking, "

to him, Hal said gratefully, "Thank you, honey. I'm so sorry to trouble you. Please take care of my mother for me."

With a smile on her face, Grace said, "You fool, these are all my wishes. I will move her, touch her with my sincerity, and make her accept me willingly."

Hal said, "Yes, I believe you have the ability."

"Let's work together for the happiness of our future life."

Her hearty laughter was enough to set Hal's mind at rest. At least one day, his beloved woman did not suffer much difficulties. In the future, if his mother made difficulties for her, she would definitely be able to deal with it with her intelligence.

When Grace came to the ward, she saw Susie lying on the bed with her side face. She tiptoed to her.

She said to Howard, "Auntie is asleep."

Howard nodded and said, "She just fell asleep."

"Auntie has fallen asleep. Uncle, you can have a rest too. I have something to deal with in the company. I'll come back to accompany Auntie later."

Howard said, "If you have something to deal with in the company, just go ahead with your own business. I'll take care of the hospital. Don't come and go. It's too tiring."

Grace smiled brightly, like the sunshine in March, which made people feel particularly pleasant. She was lively and cheerful, and most importantly, she could cook a lot of good dishes.

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