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   Chapter 113 Health Is The Most Important

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The afternoon meeting ended early. Hal went back to his office, sat in front of the computer and leafed through the documents. At this time, the door was pushed open and Grace came in.

When he saw her come in, he put down his work, pointed to the sofa and let her sit down. Then he stood up, made a cup of tea and handed it to her.

Grace teased, "The sun is to rise in the west today. President Hal made me a cup of tea in person. I feel flattered and can't stand it anymore."

Squinting his eyes, Hal said, "I don't like what you said. It seems that I am mean to you in usual times. You just don't feel that I treat you as treasure."

Looking at Hal, Grace smiled and said, "You know clearly whether you are good to me or not. I know that you treat me as treasure and I will treat you as treasure as well."

Hal sighed and sat beside her. His expression showed that he was sad. Seeing that, Grace felt sorry for him. She said, "Are you hiding something from me?"

She was really smart. With a look and a sigh, she could tell whether the man she liked was happy or worried. This woman was worth loving.

Hal held her hand and said, "I've been with you for so long, but my mother still treats you like this. As a man, I'm really sorry for my dereliction of duty. I always feel guilty for you."

Grace looked at him affectionately and said, "Don't say that. I'm very happy to be with you. It takes time for your mother to accept me. After all, there is a huge gap between two families. I understand all of these. You don't have to blame yourself."

Hal said, "That's true, but I will feel uncomfortable as long as this matter is not solved."

Grace said, "For me, you haven't been home for a long time. If it weren't for the car accident, you wouldn't have gone back. In fact, I feel comfortable if you don't go home. I don't want you to quarrel with your family for me. I often want to ask this question, but I don't think of a good solution."

Hal said unhappily, "Today, my father called and told a lie that my mother was seriously ill. As a result, when I arrived at the hospital, it turned out that my father ca

tion cup. She set out with full confidence.

The sun was shining brightly today, and Grace was very happy. On the first day, she hoped that there would be a good beginning. She encouraged herself. She was the best who was smart and beautiful.

She drove her red car to the gate of the hospital. After parking the car, she walked out. She wore a light beige skirt and held a silver vacuum cup in her hand. What a beautiful lady in the hospital!

Because she had come to the hospital last time and knew which ward Susie lived in. Although they had a fight last time, it was several days ago. She must be in a better mood these days.

When she came to the hospital and saw all kinds of patients, she couldn't help but sigh with emotion. Looking at the painful expressions of some patients, and thinking of herself in good health, it was really a kind of luck.

There were so many people in the hospital, more than in the vegetable market. Only when they came to the hospital could they realize that it was lucky to have a healthy body. No matter what kind of illness they had and needed to be hospitalized, money was not a big deal, and the main point was that the patient suffered a lot.

In today's society, no matter fat or thin, as long as you were healthy, you were the most beautiful or handsome one. Only if you had a healthy body could you eat delicious food, work hard and earn money. That was happiness.

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