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   Chapter 76 Acting

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It seemed that the rumor that Murphy had a crush on Nora had passed, because the two of them had reached an agreement in private that they must be careful outside and not be a little careless.

Since they had done a good job in keeping the secret, Ryan was in a good mood these days. He no longer looked sad and sighed every day.

The company took over the script of a famous director this time. After the careful choice of the senior executives, the hero in the play was still given to Murphy.

There were several male actors in the company who were good at acting, and they felt very uncomfortable, but they were not as good as Murphy, so there was nothing they could do. Besides, Ryan strongly recommended him, so of course Murphy was the only one.

Over and over again, in order to support him, Ryan put all his heart and soul into cultivating him to be an A-lister star. It really took him a lot of effort.

Murphy also knew that Ryan had helped him a lot. No matter how good he was, if Ryan didn't cultivate him, he won't make great achievement today.

Ryan came to Murphy's office and sat on the sofa with his legs crossed. With a cigarette in his mouth, he squinted at the script he just got. He was here to deliver the script.

After entering the office, Nora saw Ryan. Her heart jolted, but out of politeness, she said, "Hello, Agent Ryan. What can I do for you?"

Ryan looked at Nora and said, "I'm here to deliver the script to him. I've just arrived."

"It's okay. Sit down. I'll help you find Mr. Murphy," said Nora with a smile. After saying that, she turned around and went out. She was afraid that Ryan would find out something wrong, so she deliberately called him as Mr. Murphy.

Looking at the back of her, Ryan thought that this woman was not simple. It was impossible that nothing had happened between her and Murphy. If she really had something to do with it, she must leave the company.

In the gym next to the company, Murphy looked particularly energetic in a tight sportswear,


He took over the script from Ryan and said happily, "Okay, I'll study it carefully. If you have anything to do, you can go ahead with your work and don't forget to drink with me another day."

Ryan didn't care about drinking, but the relationship between him and Nora. He didn't find anything wrong with the script this time, so he was a little relieved.

Seeing Ryan leave the office, Nora breathed a long sigh of relief. She knew clearly that Ryan didn't want to drink with him but to observe them.

Noticing the worries and misgivings of Nora.

Nora persuaded her, "You don't have to worry about us every day. The more you act like this, the more suspicious others will be. Don't be afraid about our relationship. I'll be here."

She understood what he meant, but he didn't know that she had made an agreement with Ryan before. If she broke the contract, she might be fired and left the company at any time.

Now that the two of them were in such a good relationship, she was really scared. If one day she was forced to leave him, would she really go crazy.

The deeper he loved her, the more worried she would be. If she lost him again, she would have to experience the pain again. She really didn't dare to imagine.

Nora made a cup of coffee without sugar and handed it to him, who was reading the script carefully.

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