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   Chapter 75 Confession

Start With An Encounter By Bo Bo Characters: 6721

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The air in the morning was fresh, and the birds on the tree were chirping, as if they were waiting for a general who had won the battle and returned victoriously.

Early in the morning, Hal drove his luxury car to the company. When he passed by the flower shop, he opened the door of his car and bought a bunch of roses which symbolized love.

The smiling hostess of the flower shop was good at doing business. Her blessing words made Hal feel happy.

There was a kind of waiting called happiness, a kind of emotion called excitement, and a kind of love called waiting. Hal sat in the car, patiently waiting for the arrival of Grace.

Time passed so fast. If Grace didn't go out, she would be late, but she couldn't ask for leave without going to work. She couldn't avoid this matter. Helplessly, she had to go.

They were about to arrive at the company, so she was very nervous. She knew what she was worried about must be happening. As expected, she saw Hal's luxury car from a long distance.

When Hal saw the car, he stepped on the gas and drove the car with her to the underground garage. Hal walked towards her with his hands behind his back.

When she saw Hal, she was very nervous. How could she answer his question later? She really wanted that there has a hole on the ground so that she could get in.

Seeing that Hal was smiling at her without saying anything, she must need to say something first to ease embarrassing situation. 'Oh My God, what should I say?' Grace thought in mind.

Time stopped at this moment. The faint light in the underground garage was very strange and even more weird in this situation.

In order to get out of the underground garage as soon as possible, the atmosphere here was so depressing that it was so difficult for Grace to breathe. It was almost suffocating.

On the contrary, Hal felt that the atmosphere here was super good, at least no one disturbed. The time stopped for two minutes, and the breath of the two people could be heard clearly.


, they held hands, hugged and kissed for the first time. They must be embarrassed. The sublimation of love was accumulated in daily life.

They was no exception. As soon as they walked out of the underground parking lot, Grace immediately let go of Hal's arm. She felt embarrassed, because it was the first time for them to be so close to each other.

Hal had his own plan. His parents also knew that he was old enough to marry someone. When his relatives and friends kindly introduced girls to him, he refused them intentionally or unintentionally. He had also expressed his attitude to his parents, but he was not refused directly by them as before.

He planned to arrange Grace to meet his parents after he succeeded in expressing his love for her, because she had met his parents once, and would not feel so strange when they met again. Moreover, his sister also liked Grace very much. The power of two people was always more intimidating than that of one person.

Sometimes, you had to think about dual aspects of one thing. In fact, you have confirmed that you would get a bad result in your heart, and the result will not be good.

As long as the two of them worked together and managed their relationship well with each other's sincerity, they needed to believe that it was not difficult and the future would be beautiful.

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