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   Chapter 52 Returning Home

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Suppose everyone in the world lived in a happy family, then how harmonious the society should be!

The happy families were all the same. The unfortunate families had their own misfortunes. Nora was happy, and her family was particularly happy.

She lived in an ordinary family. Her father was a director in a small company, and her mother was a Chinese teacher in high school. Her grandmother had retired a long time ago.

The salary of her parents was totally 1000 thousand dollars a month. Her father's company was stagnant and was about to go bankrupt.

Now all the expenses of the family were supported by her mother's salary alone.

Her parents were very happy. They often said, "No matter how rich or poor we are, as long as our family members are healthy, we can live happily together."

As long as we were contented and happy. That's enough!

Although there were no delicacies from land and sea in their meals every day, only homely dish, as long as they could live together, which made them feel satisfied.

Since Nora came back home with little Hugh in her arms, this happy family had more scolding and quarreling.

At that time, after breaking up with Murphy, she found that she had been pregnant for a few months. At that time, she thought of death, wrote a suicide note and dressed up herself. She was ready to jump off the building and end her short life.

She climbed to the top floor and sat on the edge. Looking at the stars in the sky, she felt she was so pitiful. She didn't have the courage to live, so she had to choose to leave the world.

After sitting on the roof for a long time, she thought of her parents and old grandmother. If she died, she could feel sorry for her family.

Her parents lived frugal life to support her to go to college. They placed all their hopes on her, hoping that one day she would be successful and let the Su Family live in better life.

Thinking of this, she burst into tears. She hated the unfairness of this world and why i

any response from Nora, because every time she told Nora, "Mr. Hal said he missed you."

Every time Nora listened to her, it didn't matter whether she said it or not. Anyway, Nora didn't take it seriously sometimes, so Grace also spoke for Hal.

One day, Hal mentioned Nora again. Grace told him, "Nora has returned to her hometown. She went back with her boss and asked for three days' leave."

He looked at Grace and asked, "Who is her boss? I know some bosses of Daniel's Agency."

She told him, "Her boss is Murphy, a famous movie star now. Do you know him?"

Hal said thoughtfully, "I've heard of it. I've never met him. It's said that I've been doing well in the entertainment industry recently."

However, Grace concealed some facts. It was that Murphy and Nora had been lovers several years ago, and they broke up because of some misunderstandings. Later, he somehow lost his memory and forgot everything between them.

As for these, she would not tell Hal. It was a secret.

Hal looked down upon the men in the entertainment circle. In his eyes, those men were all actors who relied on their appearances. They didn't have any real skills.

After listening to Hal's opinion, Grace thought that his comments on people in the entertainment circle were too extreme. However, as a boss, he could say whatever he wanted.

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