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   Chapter 46 Watch A Movie

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Time flies. It had been more than half a year since Nora arrived in Beijing. The bitterness and bitterness in it were slowly digested by herself.

The handsome and indifferent Murphy leaned against the sofa. The warm sunshine shone on his angular face, high cheekbones, bright eyes, and what a perfect sculpture.

Ryan came to his office, took a look at Nora, and went straight to the side of Murphy, "There is a new movie being broadcast tonight. My friend has given me a few movie tickets. Let's go to see it after work."

He put down the two tickets and left.

It has been a long time since Nora went to the cinema to watch a movie. Three years ago, when she was in college, if she didn't like that teacher, she would snatched his lesson and skipped classes to watch a movie.

She remembered that once when she was taking a classical Chinese class, the dull teacher on the platform gave her a boring explanation. Some of the students had fallen asleep and were still drooling.

Sitting in the back row, Murphy wrote a note and asked her classmates to pass it to her. Fortunately, she was sitting on the side of the classroom at that time and the teacher didn't notice it.

While listening to the teacher's explanation, Nora received a small note written by Murphy. She sneaked to the back of the classroom and sneaked out from the back door.

Murphy had been waiting for her outside the classroom.

The couple in love, hand in hand, went to the garage to skip classes and watch a movie.

Sitting on the back of the bike, Nora wrapped her arms around Murphy's waist and hummed a song. What a happy memory.

If time could go back, she hoped that the moment would be still forever.

Nora would rather smile on the bike than cry in the BMW. She chose Murphy with no regrets. She has already been used to having Murphy by her side every day.

At this time, Murphy stood up from the sofa lazily and walked to Nora. "Take the movie ticket and go to see a movie

e, bursting into tears. She was also so absorbed in the movie.

Hearing the sobbing sound and seeing that Nora was wiping her tears. What a sentimental woman. Murphy quickly took out a few tissues from his pocket and handed them to her.

Wiping her tears, Nora said, "This woman is so pitiful. What the hell is that man doing? He pissed me off."

Hearing her comment on the actors, Murphy said, "This is a good actor. He can make you cry and laugh along with the story."

Nora seemed to understand and nodded at him.

An hour and thirty-five minutes later, the movie was finally finished. The lights in the cinema were on, and people walked out of the cinema one after another.

Nora still mumbled, "I'm so sad to see this movie. I'm a little depressed, but the ending is not bad."

Murphy said, "Then what's your comment on this movie?"

Looking at him, Nora thought for a while and said with a smile, "Eight points at most. I don't think it's as good as your play." After saying that, she felt a little inappropriate and lowered her head shyly.

It was the first time for Murphy to hear her praise. He was so happy that he felt as sweet as candy.

The night wind blew, making the air cool.

Murphy was about to send Nora home.

She quickly got into the car, fastened the seat belt and drove home.

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