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   Chapter 39 Fight For It

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Curling up in the sofa, Laquisha recalled the things happened in the past three years. She not only sighed in her heart, but also thought, 'If I had known this earlier, why did I have to do that?'

No matter how hard the path she had chosen, she had to go on.

There were two different people living in each other's hearts. One was a devil, and the other was an angel. When you were kind, the devil would come out to make trouble, and when you were evil, the kindness would come out to save you.

It depended on which one occupied the large proportion in your deep mind.

When angel defeated the devil, you were a good person.

However, when the devil triumphed over the angel, you were destined to be a bad person.

Good or bad, it depends on how you choose.

Laquisha had chosen a path of no return, and no one could help her unless she let the kindness in her heart save her.

Evil people always felt that the God was unfair to them. Their hearts were full of hatred, and they were not outgoing at all. They felt that the whole world was against her.

She smoothed her hair and straightened her clothes. What was the use of hatred and thinking about the past.

Taking out her phone, she dialed Ryan's number and said, "Drink with me after work."

Ryan was busy and answered the phone, "Okay, I'll wait for you after work."

In the Wang Family's villa, Howard, wearing glasses, sat on a rattan chair in the yard, reading a newspaper. He was reading the stock price drop and rise recently?

Susie brought him a cup of tea, which depicted a very warm scene. They spared no effort to nourish their marriage hand in hand as they were gradually aging together. It was enough for her to live her whole life.

Hal drove directly to the garage.

Seeing his parents chatting happily in the courtyard, he walked forward and wanted to know what they were talking about. They looked so happy.

With a smile, Susie said to Hal, "Don't go to the company this afternoon. Let's go to visit your uncle Shaw Shen."

Hal knew th

, and they all knew their characters and family background clearly. Of course, the adults had no objection.

Shaw said to Gloria, "Show Hal around and visit our home."

In fact, the two young men didn't want to stay in the house and listen to their discussion about the old and useless things.

They were both modern people who had received advanced education. How could they let their lifelong happiness be fettered and destroyed by the marriage of family enterprises?

If so, how dim their life would be.

They were all for their parents. They didn't want their parents to be sad or disappointed. They pitied their parents. Their parents were good to them, but a forcible marriage couldn't be happy.

However, marriage in a family business was destined to happen in her life. She couldn't go against her parents' wishes, because marriage was not only related to herself, but also the whole family.

The two young people were on good terms. For their parents and their own happiness, the two of them must cooperate well and play the following play well.

It turned out that Gloria had a boyfriend who came from a small town and her father didn't agree. Until now, her boyfriend was still waiting for her.

Hal told Gloria, "I also have a woman I like. Although she doesn't promise me now, I won't give up. I will strive for happiness on my own."

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