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   Chapter 30 Accept Him Or Not

Start With An Encounter By JESSICA KIRK Characters: 6967

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Every drop of sweat was a longing for life. Every time the sweat poured down from your face, you became more and more enthusiastic about life. The path of life had a long way to go, you had better not leave regrets.

Since Murphy confessed his love to Nora, she always avoided his eyes. She didn't agree or refuse. She didn't know what to do.

The separation three years ago was a big blow to her. Her wound hadn't completely healed, and now she had a little Hugh, not alone.

Now Murphy had lost his memory and couldn't remember what had happened before.

He knew nothing about the past. If she accepted him but deliberately concealed what happened to him in the past, it was not only irresponsible for him, but also for herself.

It was a fact that she liked him before.

But since Nora had little Hugh, her attention had been focused on her son.

She devoted herself to work and tried to give the best to little Hugh. She really didn't want to have anything to do with others.

Looking at her common attitude towards him, Murphy looked disappointed. 'How could I make the woman I liked also like me?' He thought it in mind.

Today was Grace's birthday. In the afternoon when Nora went to work, she told Murphy that her good friend's birthday was today. She wanted to go back early to celebrate her birthday with her, on the condition that she had done all the work well.

Murphy agreed, "It's your good friend's birthday. Don't you need to give her a gift? I have time to hang out with you for buying some gifts."

With her eyes wide open, she wondered if this was what he had said? It was so unexpected.

"No, thanks. I can buy it myself." Nora declined politely.

Murphy was rejected by her again and again, disappointed again and again...

Since he hadn't seen her for a period of time, he felt empty in his heart. He didn't know what to say when he saw her. Was this the feeling of liking someone.

Nora told Grace that Murphy had confessed his love to her, but she didn't agree.

"What's wrong? He remembered you."

Nora shook her head.

Grace continued to say, "He doesn't remember you. But he confessed his love to you. You have to think it over. You have a past with him."

Yes! Of course, Nora was struggling with the past.

They had the same worries. If one day he remembered and knew that she was lying to him, not to mention little Hugh.

No, she couldn't. She was just his personal assistant. That was all.

Grace persuaded her, "Let bygones be bygones. Everything will be fine with me in the future."

With tears in her eyes, Nora hugged Grace tightly and said, "Thank you for being with me for so long. Thank you for being with me in my life."

At night, two arrogant women raised their glasses and drank, just as the poem said, "A toast to invite the moon, on the film into three."

When Murphy saw a beautiful dress on the Internet, he bought it and wrote down Nora's name and phone number.

He wanted to give her a surprise.

People were always like this. It was unreasonable to fall in love with a person.

The parcel was sent to the guard room. When she passed by in the morning, the guard room's elder brother stopped Nora.

With the package in her hand, Nora wondered when she bought it and what she had bought. Besides, she didn't know how to write down the company address on the Internet.

What the hell was going on.

But the cover of the package wrote, "Nora received

it". And her phone number was still on it.

After entering the office, she put the package on the table and went to look for scissors.

She touched the package and saw clothes on it, but she didn't know what kind of clothes it was.

Did she forget what she had bought before?

Looking at the expression on her face, Murphy just wanted to laugh in his heart, but he didn't dare to laugh out loud. He was afraid that she would see through his trick and find out something. That would not be a surprise.

The moment she opened the package, her eyes widened.

What beautiful clothes!

She had never worn such beautiful clothes since she was a child. She really didn't remember to buy such clothes.

She closed her eyes and thought about it carefully, but she still couldn't figure it out.

The label was on her hands. She took a closer look and found it was a famous brand. Although she had never worn such beautiful clothes, she had heard of the brand.

She took out her phone and quickly opened it to check the brand. After a while, the screen showed that it was the same as the dress, and the price was 1800 dollars. She was completely confused.

Her head was in a mess. What happened.

Just when she was confused, she accidentally saw the face of Murphy and found that he was looking at her with a smile.

She seemed to understand something. Looking at her affectionately, Murphy said, "Is it beautiful? Do you like it? "

"Why do you buy such expensive clothes?" asked Nora angrily.

He smiled, "As long as you like it."

Are rich people all so capricious?

"The press conference will begin in a few days. I hope you can wear this dress on that day." Murphy murmured.

She thought the clothes were too expensive and asked for a return, but he would never agree.

She had no choice but to put it away.

In the past, he didn't like to smile, but now when he saw her, he would always smile unconsciously. In the past, he didn't like to talk, but now when he saw her, he would always find a topic to talk with her.

Was this the power of love?

No matter how much Murphy had changed, Nora would not agree with him directly. On the contrary, she would not refuse him.

He knew she had her own worries.

You can't be too anxious about anything, or the result will be bad. Good things are always strewn with setbacks, especially love, is not a child's play. You can't be careless.

As a star, especially a new star, everything about him was not only his own. He belonged to the whole entertainment circle and the whole fan team.

It occurred to her that Ryan had made an agreement with her that she couldn't have anything to do with Murphy, or she would be fired at any time and leave the company.

She was a woman of her word. She would definitely follow the rules and keep her promise to Ryan.

The reason why Ryan agreed to let her stay was that she needed this job and she had to raise her son, so she begged him to let her stay.

If she ruined Murphy's future, she would be a sinner for thousands of years. How could she stay in the company in the future? She couldn't do this.

With the promise to Ryan, Nora fell into great pain. She could only know these things by herself and could not tell anyone.

The better Murphy treated her, the farther she had to stay away from him.

She did this for the sake of Murphy, hoping that he could understand her difficulties.

And don't hate her.

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