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The angry look on Nora's face was so beautiful. She was an absolute cold beauty.

After a while, the phone rang again.

"If you don't have time tonight, tomorrow night and the day after tomorrow night are both OK!" The man's pitiful and pleading tone amused Nora. She really didn't know him.

He must have mental problems. Who on earth is he? She didn't know many people in Beijing. Why did he provoke her? She thought about it carefully.

She hung up the phone again and murmured, "The world is intermingled by the good and the bad."

Nora didn't talk about it, so Murphy didn't ask her.

This was the distance.

She didn't take the phone seriously. She always felt that someone had made a wrong call. As usual, Nora went to and got off work and was busy with all the things that Ryan assigned to her.

She would try her best to do everything without any regret.

A few days passed. During a boring chat at home, Nora said that she had received an inexplicable call. The people on the other end had her phone number through the car shop.

"He wanted to invite me to dinner, but I thought he was out of your mind, so I hung up." Said Nora.

Grace was confused. She left the phone number of Nora to the car shop, because every amount of money that the financial department entered and out had to go through the process and formalities.

Nora said, "Then who would it be? I'm so depressed."

There was a rule in the car shop that no one in the financial department could leak personal information.

Grace couldn't believe it. Who on earth leaked the information? Was the person who made the phone call an internal staff of the car shop? No, this matter must be figured out, otherwise, it would be difficult to sleep well.

Suddenly, Nora said, "That man seems to be from the Sea Rise Group. His name is Hal, I'm not sure. I forgot."

With her mouth wide open, Grace's eyes staring like brass bells. Hal Wang, the well-known son of the CEO of Sea Rise Group.

It was him.

Anyway, Nora didn't know who he was. It had nothing to do with her.

Holding Nora's hand, Grace let her sit down and said, "Do you know how big Sea Rise Group is? Do you know how rich Hal Wang is?"

Nora laughed, "You're an anthomaniac. What does that have to do with me?"

How many famous families, young girls, and even female stars dream of marrying into the Wang family? He is from a rich and powerful family!

"It's none of my business," said Nora with a smile.

Grace was so anxious about the casual attitude of Nora that she gritted her teeth.

"Why are you so silly? If Hal invited me to dinner, I would agree immediately. But you refused and scolded him for being crazy. You are really crazy." Grace grabbed Nora's hand and said anxiously.

No matter what Grace said, Nora wouldn't listen to her.

Grace said longingly, "If I can see Hal at some time, I will be satisfied even if I have a look at him. Some people like stars, and some like rich people."

Anyway, as long as you like what you like.

Nora couldn't do anything with Grace. She pointed at her head and said, "You're such an anthomaniac. Just marry him."

Alas! Life is tough. Why am I not so lucky? I'm already an old leftover. Who wants to marry me!

After sighing, she felt it funny. Fate had arranged everything. Her Mr. Right hasn't appeared yet. Just wait patiently!

Hearing the exclamation of Grace, Nora felt it was very funny. With such a high requirement of Grace, few people could match her.

Now, Nora didn't care about anything. Her goal was to gi

ve little Hugh a family in Beijing in the near future, which was her biggest wish.

There was a saying that even a person's body was nowhere to be placed, and there was no poem or distance to talk about.

Therefore, having a shelter in Beijing was the real thing to consider.

She didn't need anyone to worry about her own journey. She believed that she would get through all the hardships and difficulties and get closer to her goal. 'Come on, Nora', she encouraged herself like this every day.

No pay no gain. God was fair to everyone.

Don't complain or be discouraged. Just stick to it and she would succeed.

In the office, Murphy stared at a bunch of roses on the desk of Nora. It has been ten minutes, and the dazzling red was full of provocation.

Nora's high-heeled shoes seemed to be very loud today. He could hear it from a distance in the corridor and was a little irritable in the ears of Murphy.

When Nora opened the door of the office, she saw a bunch of roses on the table. Confused, she picked it up and looked at the signature on it. It was for her.

There were so many boring people. After throwing the roses into the trash can, Nora turned around and walked to the file cabinet. She opened the drawer, took out a document and began to read it.

It was totally out of Murphy's expectation that the girl didn't like flowers, especially roses.

Just when he was surprised, Nora's phone rang.

"Have you received the roses? Do you like them?" A magnetic voice came through the phone.

Nora said angrily, "I don't know you. Why do you send me flowers? Do you have nothing to do?" Then she hung up the phone.

Next day.

Nora came to the office early and sprayed some water on the Magnolia. It was green and fresh. After looking at the computer for a long time, Ii was good for her eyes to look at this pot of Magnolia.

Ryan went into the room and had something to talk with Murphy. He sat on the sofa and waited for him. After a while, Murphy came over. The two looked at each other and discussed about the news conference.

Bang! Bang! Bang.

Bang! Bang! Bang.

There was a knock on the door. Then someone stuck his head in the room from the corridor.

It turned out to be a delivery guy with a large bouquet of roses in his hand, which was enough for ninety-nine roses.

The delivery man looked at Nora and asked, "Are you Miss Nora Su? This is the rose for you. Please sign for it."

"Go back! You sent it wrong." Said Nora indifferently, ignoring the bunch of roses.

Ryan said, "Don't make things difficult for the delivery guy. It's not easy for him to make money from work. If you delay his time and he send things to other places late, he will be complained."

Of course, she knew that.

Seeing that Nora signing her name, Murphy guessed how many secrets this woman had.

When Nora was worrying about how to deal with the roses, Cecilia just passed by the door. Seeing that there was a large bouquet of roses in Nora hand, Cecilia shouted happily, "It's so beautiful!"

Nora threw flowers into her arms like a bomb, "If you like it, I'll give it to you."

That girl didn't like flowers, especially roses.

The two of them were on good terms, so Cecilia happily accepted the roses as a gift. The roses were so beautiful and dazzling red.

Looking at her, Murphy thought that the truth would come to light sooner or later. He wanted to see how long she could hide it.

Nora pretended that nothing had happened. It was others' freedom to chase her, and it was her right to refuse.

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