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   Chapter 25 Come On

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Life was like a dream, and the passage of time was like a song. Living was a kind of mood. No matter yesterday, today, tomorrow, as long as one was suddenly enlightened, it would be a good day.

Nora woke up. She had a good sleep last night and had a fond dream. She turned to look at the sleeping little Hugh beside her and smiled knowingly.

He was the best gift from God for her.

Although she had lost Murphy, God was also good to her. She met him again and saw him every day, which was God's blessing for her.

Live up to today, live up to yourself, and bravely welcome every day in the future with a good mood.

In the company, Cecilia walked up to Nora, who was in high spirits, and teased, "You seem to be in a good mood today. What's up? Are you in love?"

Nora smiled, "Why do I fall in love? It's better to be free alone. Why do I find a burden?"

Cecilia pursed her lips and said, "That makes sense. I support you. I give you a praise."

The two women smiled at each other, went into their own office and began to work busily all day long.

Footsteps came. Murphy was coming. They were getting closer and closer.




He opened the door.

She was used to his punctuality every time.

Murphy wore a leather jacket today, which made him look very energetic. No matter what clothes he wore, he looked so decent, just like a clothes shelf.

Happiness might be infectious. From the expression on Nora's face, Murphy could tell that she was in a good mood today. The corners of her mouth rose, and she smiled. No one knew what she was writing with a pen in her hand.

He wanted to walk to her and see what was going on, but he has always been proud and lonely. If he suddenly did so, he would definitely frighten her. Thinking for a while, he decided to let it go. Good things would wait for her to share.

Unexpectedly, after writing for a while, Nora paused and continued to write. Then she put the writing into the drawer and went out for something.

Murphy stared blankly at her back and felt a little disappointed. What has happened to him these days? He felt that his heartbeat was stronger than before.

If she was happy, he would be happy. If she was sad, he would be depressed for a whole day. His mood completely depended on her happiness, anger and sorrow.

It was said that it was difficult to guess a woman's mind. Now Murphy couldn't even understand his own mind. He was worried about gain and loss every day and was absent-minded.

For such a workaholic man, he should work harder. Don't think too much to save himself now. Because if he thought too much, his head would ache and he couldn't bear it.

He couldn't find an answer when there was a problem, so it was better to work hard.

In order to raise the reputation of Murphy, the senior executives decided to hold a grand press conference for him.

Ryan asked Nora to do her best to make this plan and use all the strength and materials. This press conference was related to the future of Murphy.

After receiving the notice, Nora felt that her mission this time was very great. She was very happy that she could do something for the person she once loved deeply.

She put off all the social engagements and concentrated on the plan.

In fact, it was not only for the sake of Murphy, but also to prove that she was a su

itable assistant. In this case, Ryan had no excuse to kick her out.


The clock on the wall has already pointed to ten o'clock, and Nora was still revising the plan under the light. She wrote, threw, picked it up again after throwing it away, and looked at it over and over again.

She was a woman who pursued perfection and was very efficient.

But she always felt dissatisfied with her plan and couldn't figure out what the problem was.

When Grace went to the bathroom at night, she saw that the light in Nora's room was still on. She warmed up a glass of milk, knocked on the door and brought it in for her.

Why do you work so hard? It's break time, not working time. You should go to bed.

Seeing that Grace came in, Nora ignored what she said and pulled her to her side, which startled her.

She handed the half written plan to Grace and said anxiously, "Come and help me check it. What's the problem? I can't think of how to write next. You are smart. Come and have a look."

Seeing that Nora was so excited, Grace didn't want to discourage her.

Although Grace has never been an assistant, she was smarter than ordinary people. She could always find the key point when she tried to solve a problem.

In order not to disappoint Nora, Grace took the plan book from her and read it carefully, repeating every word.

Suddenly, she paused, took up the pen, scratched a few words and added another sentence.

It was eleven o'clock.

Seeing that Grace was drawing, Nora was very nervous.

In a short time, two or three parts of the plan were modified by Grace.

Satisfied with the result, Grace handed the plan to Nora and went back to her room to sleep.

Why didn't she expect it to be written like this? She knocked her head with a pen two times and admired Grace very much. After this mission was completed, she should thank her very much.

It was definitely a wonderful plan, because the two worked together.

If everything went well, the press conference should be held next week. She reviewed the end of the plan again. If there was no problem, she could submit it.

In the office.

Both of Murphy and Nora were busy with their own things.

Occasionally, Murphy stole a glance at Nora and looked away in a hurry.

There were still some ups and downs in his heart.

Gradually, he calmed down. Look, the moon's face was secretly changing.

The sweet ringtone of Nora's mobile phone rang, which amused him. How could she use such an old-fashioned ringtone.

It was an unknown call.

At the other end of the phone, someone invited Nora to have dinner with him and asked if she would be available, he could pick her up.

"Excuse me, who are you?" Said Nora.

'Oh, she don't know who he is, but he invites her to dinner. And how others know her phone number.' Murphy thought.

"Sorry, I really don't know you. Did you call the wrong number?" Nora continued.

It was Hal Wang.

Afraid that Nora might misunderstand him and hung up the phone, Hal Wang hurriedly explained that he knew her phone number through the car shop.

He also said that he was Hal Wang, the son of the CEO of the Sea Rise Group.

Not caring who the person on the other end of the line was, Nora hung up the phone with a snap. She refused bluntly and cursed, "You're crazy."

She sat on the chair angrily.

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