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   Chapter 23 Waiting Silently

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The news that Murphy was hospitalized has been widely spread. The company must ensure that nothing would happen to him. The next morning, they transferred him to the VIP ward.

Now it was time to block all the information about Murphy.

Nora opened her eyes and rubbed them hard. The strong light in the room made her unable to open eyes.

She thought it was still early and little Hugh was gone. It turned out that Grace wanted her to sleep a little longer, so she sent the child to school and let her wake up naturally.

Looking at the clock on the wall, it was already eight o'clock. Nora stretched herself and got up. She opened the curtain, opened the window and took a deep breath of air. It was fresh.

It was a sunny day. She hoped she could have a good mood.

Nora washed her face and rinsed her mouth.

She walked into the kitchen and took out the old hen she washed and cut last night from the fridge. She was going to make chicken soup.

More than an hour later, the kitchen was filled with the pleasant smell of chicken. Nora tasted it with a spoon and found it very delicious.

Nora found a thermos cup from the cupboard and filled it with meat and soup. She went downstairs with satisfaction. She was going to the hospital to see how Murphy was.

When Murphy woke up in the morning, he had no appetite at all. The porridge brought by the special nurse was still on the table. He didn't feel hungry at all.

With his back to the beauty special nurse, he pretended to be asleep.

Seeing Nora come in, the nurse greeted to her.

Nora asked the nurse about Murphy's situation. "Everything is fine. The infusion has just been finished, and it's time to eat something. He just don't cooperate and said he is not hungry," said the nurse.

The special nurse shook her head. She had no choice but to let him do whatever he wanted!

"It's okay. When he is hungry, he will eat something," said Nora to the nurse.

Hearing what Nora said, Murphy felt funny. Nora regarded him as a child.

When a person was helpless, every word he or she said to the person he or she loved was so sweet and pleasant to hear.

The special nurse had something to deal with, so she went out for a while.

Nora unscrewed the heat preservation cup and smelled it. It smelled so good! All of a sudden, the fragrance filled the room, making people almost drool.

She helped Murphy sit up. Since he had an operation and couldn't sit for a long time, she let him lean against the quilt.

One spoon.

Two spoons.

Three spoons.

It suddenly occurred to Nora that three years ago, when she was sick and Murphy took good care of her, her eyes turned red.

Now that Murphy was sick and hospitalized, she had to take care of him. Was this the so-called God's will?

The subtle change on her face was noticed by Murphy. He didn't know why her eyes were red and she was about to cry.

He couldn't figure out what the woman in front of him was thinking.

At this moment, there was high and low voices coming from the corridor of the hospital. It was the people in the company who came to visit Murphy, and of course, there was Laquisha in it.

Seeing that Nora was sitting next to Murphy, Laquisha who was with a big smile on her face, immediately pulled a long face. This woman turned her face faster than turning a book.

After mocking at Nora for a while, Laquisha felt bored and excused herself from the hospital.

The people in the company were all symbolic. They came to visit

the condition of Murphy, but they didn't have a deep friendship. After a few simple greetings, they all left.

There were only three people left in the room, which were Murphy, Nora and Ryan.

Ryan told Murphy to take good care of himself. After he was discharged from the hospital, he could shoot the rest of the scenes. Ryan didn't ask the director to find a substitute for him.

Because there was only one person named Murphy, and it was impossible for others to play a substitute.

Ryan had the intention of himself.

Nora and Ryan walked out of the hospital together.

Ryan looked at Nora. Nora understood what Ryan meant. She would remember what she had promised him. Please rest assured, and don't worry about that.

From now on, she would travel through the hospital, school and home in three moves.

She kept in mind that Murphy was her boss and did everything with this goal.

Thanks to the careful care of Nora these days, Murphy recovered quickly. After all, he was very young and in good health, so he recovered quickly.

In a twinkling of an eye, half a month passed, and Murphy was about to leave the hospital.

When the lights were on, the night in Beijing was extraordinarily charming, making people indulge in countless imaginations.

In a luxuriously decorated night club, with heavy makeup and a pungent smell of perfume, Laquisha sat alone in a corner, holding a goblet and drinking it up.

Laquisha was a little disappointed recently. She couldn't get the main character, so she didn't have a good play.

She was not willing to be an ordinary woman. In order to achieve her goal, she would choose any means, and even take risks.

At this moment, in her heart, she has already had an immature plan, but the time hasn't come, so she could only wait silently.

It was a long night. Without anyone to accompany, lonely Laquisha was also a poor woman.

One after another, Laquisha felt a little dizzy.

The wine in the goblet was as red as blood.

Ryan felt bored and called Laquisha, but she didn't answer it. Then he received a message from Laquisha, saying that she was having fun in "Endless Night" alone.

He went straight all the way to Endless Night, the night club was not closed.

In fact, Laquisha was also a poor woman. Back then, when she started her career, she had become famous and legendary. At that time, she had been well-known and her paintings had been posted on every street.

Later, a famous director had taken a fancy to Laquisha's beauty and tried to find a way to make her have a hidden rule. The two of them hadn't been together for a long time, and he got tired of her and went to look for a new prey. The director was afraid that Laquisha would make a big deal, so she was banished.

So many years had passed, and people had already forgotten about Laquisha. It was not until the director of the play found her that she was about to reappear. But God played tricks on her and she brushed past the heroine again.

She felt that she was born at the wrong time. God was so unfair to her. No one could give her a reasonable explanation for what she has gained after so many years.


It was an empty night. She was venting her dissatisfaction.

Was it for the world or for someone.

There was no absolute fairness in the world. The more she did, the less return she would get.

Giving was never in direct proportion to returning.

Two lonely people and two lonely hearts drank a lot and didn't return until dawn.

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