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   Chapter 19 Business Trip

Start With An Encounter By JESSICA KIRK Characters: 5035

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Looking at Nora crying so sad, Ryan said, "In this case, you can stay in the company and I will observe your performance in the future. Otherwise, you may be fired at any time."

In fact, in her heart, she had regarded her relationship with Murphy as the past. If she hadn't met him before, she wouldn't have been so sad.

She cherished the chance to stay in the company very much. She could bear anything for the sake of Hugh.

She was always cautious, fearing that something would go wrong.

Ryan knew everything she did and remembered in his mind. That was good, as long as everything was fine.

The new movie started as scheduled. This time, the heroine always thought that it would be Laquisha, because the entertainment circle was always hyping that Laquisha would reappear.

Since Laquisha hadn't been chosen as the heroine, she wouldn't show weakness. She was a very scheming woman.

The heroine was neither Laquisha nor Melissa. This time, the heroine who cooperated with Murphy was Emily Liu. It was said that she had a strong background. She graduated from a famous university and then entered the film and television industry.

Emily was very beautiful, with big eyes, pointed chin and long eyelashes. She looked like a mixed-blood.

Her acting skill was also excellent. The director appreciated her for her early shooting and praised her for her boundless popularity.

There were a lot of dramas between Emily and Murphy. The performance of the two big shots was perfect, which made the crew call them "the golden couple".

During the shooting, she was busy all the time. During this period, Hugh had been taking care by Grace. It was no pity to have such a good friend in life.

As the assistant of Murphy, Nora had done her best. She had to think of everything for him, or it would be another mistake.

She took good care of him for every aspect of basic necessities. She was his personal assistant.

At the break time of the film set, Murphy was going to run line with Emily. At this time, Nora could have a rest. She would find a quiet place to stay silently for a few minutes, and then continue to work.

In this way, Nora had been stared at them silently.

Since she had to stay in another city for half a month to shoot a exterior scene, she had to follow the crew to the South area after arranging everything about her family.

He had been tired for a long time, and had an irregular diet. Now, Murphy was suffering from the disease again, which m

ade him sweat. But there was a time limit when the new movie was displayed.

He had to finish the shooting as soon as possible.

In order not to delay the shooting, he asked Nora to massage his belly for half an hour every day.

The crew of the play were all packed with food, which was not good for the health of Murphy, so Nora woke up more than an hour early every day and cooked the millet porridge.

On the last day of the external shooting, the whole crew of the play cheered. After finishing the external shooting, they could go back to Beijing.

She could also see little Hugh and Grace whom she had been missing day and night.

The exterior view came to a perfect end. They sat on the bus, singing a song of triumph and came back with fruitful results.

In the huge hall, Murphy curled up in the innermost part of the sofa, with sweat on his forehead. He gritted his teeth and waited for the dawn.

After a long time, Murphy was so sleepy that he fell asleep and had a stomachache. He endured it all the time. He didn't know that it was getting worse and worse if he didn't go to the hospital.

Since she accompanied him to the hospital last time, he had prepared medicine at home. He took medicine when he felt pain and relied on medicine to suppress the pain.

Nora bought toys and all kinds of food and toys for Hugh, and brought some local specialities to Grace.

She decided to waited Grace got off work and waited her to pick up Hugh from the nursery school, she wanted to give them a surprise, but she didn't tell them in advance when she came back from another city.

Hearing the babbling of little Hugh and godmother, they went upstairs.

Nora hid behind the door and was about to give them a surprise attack. When the door was opened, Grace walked straight into the room with Hugh in his arms and didn't notice that there was another person behind the door.

Nora slowly stretched out her hands from behind, covered Grace's eyes and sang, "I secretly cover your eyes so that you can guess who I am."

Hugh shouted happily, "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy is back."

It seemed that the three of them would have another sleepless night. They had left for more than half a month, and they had a lot to talk about.

Another actress was signed in the company, and she was the main character of the new play, Emily.. She smiled and said, "From now on, we have to work together. I wish we can ake care of each other, understand each other and accommodate each other."

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