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   Chapter 17 Visiting Superstars

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The teacher had informed that it was time for Hugh to pay the tuition and living expenses.

The tuition fee and living expenses were thousands of dollars. The consumption in Beijing was too high, and the salary of Nora was not low, 1700 dollars per month. However, in Beijing, The people whose income was this amount would be consider as the moonlight clan.

The rent, water and electricity fees, living expenses, and the tuition of little Hugh were all necessities. There was not much left in her salary. Every month, she would calculate carefully with her calculation.

When they got home, Nora complained to Grace, "The consumption in Beijing is too high. I can't even afford myself."

Grace persuaded her to take it easy. Everything would be fine. There would be love and bread.

"By the way, I asked you to take part in the car model last time. Have you thought about it? It will held in two days." Said Grace.

"If you think I'm capable, I'll go to there. As long as I can make money, I'll do it."

The car model needed to stand for an hour and cooperate with the visitors to take photos. Three hundred per hour was a great temptation, so she decided to go.

Grace said, "After the show, I'll get the money back to you." This is the show held by the company of her company. Nora only needed to be the car model, and she didn't need to care about anything else.

After the simple training, she would go to the 'battlefield' tomorrow.

Recently, the company was not very busy. She had time to arrange the part-time job about being a car model, because the car exhibition was very close to the company. That was one of the reasons why Grace asked her to be the car models.

The show began. A line of luxury cars arrived at the center of the show. Ten beautiful women came on the stage, one after another. The customers who participated in the show only took pictures of beautiful women and didn't look at the cars.

An hour passed quickly. Nora quickly changed her clothes and ran to the company. Fortunately, Murphy hadn't arrived yet. It seemed that Grace had arranged enough time.

Because of her one hour standard standing posture, her feet were particularly painful. The first thing she did when she came to the company was to sit down and let her feet relax and have a good rest.

Not far from the corridor, there was a steady sound of footsteps. Here came Murphy. It was not difficult for them to know each other's footstep for a long time, not to mention that they had known each other for four years.

Murphy said very little every day, as if his words were valuable. He was very stingy, and he couldn't throw a few more words to others. It was really hard to figure out whether it was the way that everyone was famous and became a big star.

She saw that Murphy had entered the office.

After he sat down, she stood up and handed him tomorrow's arrangement plan. Tomorrow afternoon, she would visit an experienced artist who had retired from the entertainment circle.

Speaking of the old artists, in fact, they were not old. It was just that he was experienced in the entertainment circle. Because he was indifferent to fame and fortune, he was still an artist for so many years and could not be called a star.

No matter how long he had been in the entertainment circle without outstanding works or fame, he could only be called an artist, not a superstar. But his acting skill was A level.

The reason why she visited him this time was that she wanted to learn something from him.

Seeing that Nora was walking in a different way as usual, he didn't say the words that almost spoke out. What did it have to do with him? Then he looked through all the information of the old artist.

In a twinkling

of an eye, it was time to get off work again. Both of them walked out of the office one after another.

It took her a long way to get to the bus stop. She never took a taxi. In order to save money, it was not easy to make money, and the money she earned was for Hugh. She had to make a plan.

She walked in the front and didn't know there was a pair of eyes behind her. He looked at herself for a long time. After following him to the bus stop, he stepped on the gas and sped away.

Before going to work, Nora went out more than half an hour in advance. She had to take her to the school and pay the tuition and living expenses of Hugh.

Hearing the teacher's praise for her son, she was extremely relieved. It turned out that her son was so excellent. She gave you a thumbs up.

Then the teacher changed the subject and said worriedly, "Hugh has performed well in all aspects, except that sometimes children don't like to talk too much."

Her heart jolted. It had something to do with her child's age. There were some things that a child had to accept, not only happiness, but also cruelty.

This time, Hugh also got "excellent junior soldier" in the class.

After leaving the school, there were different kinds of feelings mixing in her heart, which were too complicated to tell.

Not being able to give her son a complete family was what she owed her son the most. However, she would give all her love to Hugh and try her best to make him have a happy childhood.

Her schedule was full every day, ten times busier than that of Murphy. She felt that time was not enough, and she wanted to split it into two in a minute.

Fortunately, the car show was only arranged for three days. If it took longer, she would not be able to hold on.

She wondered whether she should work so hard, but thinking of little Hugh, all her efforts were worth it.

After standing for an hour in the afternoon, she finally finished her work. She came to the company without breathing heavily and hurried to prepare what they needed to visit the old artist.

On the second floor of a quiet teahouse, Murphy was talking with the old artist casually, nodding and waving.

Nora and Ryan were sitting not far away from them. They didn't talk too loudly and couldn't hear what they were talking about. The teahouse was an elegant place, so they couldn't speak too loudly.

She picked up a small cup of tea and tasted it quietly. When she just drank it, she felt a little bitter, but when you tasted it carefully, the tea gave off a faint fragrance.

Looking at the expression on her face, Ryan knew that she didn't know much about the tea ceremony, and the insiders could see through her gesture at a glance.

This was white tea from Yunnan Province. Ryan told her.

In fact, she didn't hate Ryan very much. She just didn't want to have anything to do with any man in terms of love.

Ryan tentatively wanted to inquire about the past of Nora, but after a second thought, he realized that as a man, she would not talk too much with him. Perhaps women were easy to get along with, so he did not ask.

When Murphy talked with the old artist happily, he always felt that time passed very fast.

Seeing that Murphy stood up, Ryan and Nora also stood up in a hurry. He reached out his hand like a gentleman and said goodbye to the old artist. It seemed that the old actress thought highly of Murphy, or they wouldn't have talked for so long.

The old artist encouraged him to be a pure star so that he could have more supporters. He didn't want to be blinded by the dazzling light.

Murphy nodded frequently.

After sending away the old artist and seeing a little smile on Murphy's face, she guessed that he must have gained a lot today.

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