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Being insulted, Nora was depressed all day long. She didn't want to bring her bad mood to work, but she was a mortal and couldn't do it at all.

Every day, Ryan walked past her, humming incessantly. This action meant a declaration of war between them. If she won, and if she went against him, she would end up like ending.

Nora tried her best to endure the grievance and dissatisfaction. As long as Murphy didn't fire her, anyone who made difficulties for her would be in vain. She gritted her teeth and would definitely make it through for the sake of Hugh.

In the office, when Murphy saw that Nora seemed to be a little different than before, she was always restless and not as serious as before. She still didn't answer the questions correctly, but Nora didn't tell him anything, so he couldn't ask anything more.

Laquisha, that bitch, hooked up with Ryan and spread rumors about Nora. She said that Nora had a relationship with a rich guy. It was pure slander. She did this to force Nora to leave the company.

It was definitely a fake news. If there was really such a rich guy, why did she have to work so hard and suffer from his bullying here?

In the afternoon, when she felt a headache and weak all over, she asked for a leave from Murphy. After making everything clear, she left the office and walked to the dressing room.

Her phone rang. It was a call from Grace. She asked her to go shopping with her tomorrow Sunday. She had been busy with her work recently and hadn't eaten anything for a long time.

"Okay, okay. I'll be off duty soon. I'll tell you when I get home," said Nora.

She could feel that Nora was a little unhappy, so she asked, "What's wrong with you? Are you hiding something from me?"

She was the only one in the big changing room, because it was not time to get off work. How could there be anyone else? When she heard the repeated questions of Hugh, she could no longer control her emotions. After so many grievances, she suddenly lost control, and tears fell involuntarily.

Said Nora, sobbing.

How she refused Ryan, how she was embarrassed by him, and how Laquisha beat her. She told all the things to Grace.

After complaining her grievance, she felt a little better, but Grace had a bad temper. She couldn't stand that her best friend had suffered so much grievances in the company. She had to seek justice for her.

After work, in the downstairs of the company, Nora met Grace. What are you doing here? If you don't go to work, Grace said, "I'm here to see you. Can you show me around about your company?" She knew the purpose of her. She couldn't let her walk in the company, or things would be in a mess.

Nora pulled her tightly and said, "I'll take you to a good place. The coffee there tastes good."

Ryan, who was not far away from them, saw all this. He followed them into the cafe and sat on the back of them.

The music in the cafe made people feel very comfortable.

All her troubles could be purified as long as she sat here. She ordered two cups of coffee, one with sugar and the other without sugar.

Most of the people sitting here were couples. Drinking coffee required a romantic atmosphere. Back then, she had often gone to a cafe next to the school with Murphy.

After drinking a cup of coffee, the two of them stayed together for half a day. At that time,

they always felt that life was exceptionally fast.

It was said that if one didn't fall in love in college, he or she wouldn't be able to go to college. At that time, almost all the boys and girls in their class had boyfriends or girlfriends. When they graduated, their love would also end. There were very few excellent students who could be with their lovers forever.

She was no exception. No matter how much she loved him, she was finally defeated by the cruel reality. Even so, there was no regret in her life. She had been in love in college.

But she was not in the mood to taste coffee. Grace drank up the coffee with sugar in one gulp.It tasted bad. The coffee with sugar was a little bitter and not good at all.

It seemed that Nora had reached the highest level of coffee. She expressed, "Life is like coffee. If you add sugar, it will make you sweet. Without sugar, it will make you taste bitter. How can you have ten wishes in your life? It depends on how you treat it.

As time passed, Grace said, "You just brought me in for coffee?" Nora lowered her head and said nothing. After a while, she said, "Do you want me to go back to my hometown with Hugh?"

Grace said, "Why do you have this idea? Can't you live without this company? People always say that you are stupid! They are indeed right!"

Nora continued to say, "No matter how much injustice I have suffered in the company, I don't want to let Murphy know, because what can he do if he knows? He doesn't remember me at all."

"Then what do you want to do? Continue to stay in the company and allow others to bully and insult you?" Said Grace.

Everything had gone. All she wanted was to find a job, work at ease and bring up Hugh. It was not such a simple request, and there was someone who wanted to force her to leave.

If they know your past with Murphy and see who dares to say one more word. Why are so weak now? You used to be stubborn and arrogant in the past.

Hiding in the corner of the cafe, Ryan heard their conversation. No wonder he felt that there was something wrong with the way Nora looked at Murphy. It turned out that they had known each other for a long time and were lovers. No wonder Nora refused his invitation.

Ryan was trying to find an excuse for himself. It was not that Nora didn't like him, and she had a lover, but this person was his 'God of wealth' Murphy. How could he offend him?

Hearing their conversation, half of Ryan's hatred towards her disappeared. It turned out that this woman was also a poor woman. He used to treat her so bad.

'Was he wrong?' He thought.

The afterglow in the setting sun was particularly beautiful. Reflected on the faces of the two women, they were both beautiful.

The number of people in the coffee shop was getting fewer and fewer. Holding Grace's hand, Nora also walked out of the coffee shop. On both sides of the road, the neon lights were on, and the night life of the city began.

Everyone who worked hard outside felt sad. In the vast Beijing City, the two little women were insignificant on the road, but little Hugh was important to her, and she was important to Grace.

Ryan followed them out and looked at their backs. He had an indescribable feeling. After all, he was also a person who had left his hometown.

Arm in arm with Grace, Nora disappeared from Ryan's sight.

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