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   Chapter 14 Revenge

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Cecilia was a kind-hearted girl. Kindhearted people were easily bullied. There were many departments in the company, and if they were not careful, they would not know to offend someone in a certain department.

In the workplace, to be blank, the one who was oversensitive was the winner.

In a remote corridor of the company, there were two people discussing something? When Cecilia happened to pass by, she overheard their conversation.

A new movie was about to shoot, and the heroine hadn't been decided yet. There were two candidates, Laquisha and Melissa. Both of them had their own merits. It was hard to choose between the two.

Even though they didn't say anything, Laquisha and Melissa had their own plans in their minds.

It turned out that Ryan was talking to Laquisha. He didn't like Nora because she was too arrogant. He said that she didn't take him seriously and she always thought many ways to embarrass him.

With a sinister smile, Laquisha said, "can a small assistant make troubles?" Laquisha didn't take her seriously at all. She even looked down upon her.

It is true that the bad guys make use of each other.

They were on good terms.

Cecilia, who was passing by, heard clearly about the dirty deal. She decided to tell this to Nora. If a good woman like her was set up by others. It would be unreasonable.

Sitting next to Murphy, Nora didn't say anything. He played with his computer and she wrote her information. Cecilia gently walked to the door of his office and was about to knock. She thought, 'Forget it!' If he asked her what happened, how to answer him? She'd better send a message to her!

The phone reminded her of the message. She picked up her phone and found it was from Cecilia. "I will waiting for you on the rooftop after work. I have something important to tell you."

It was time to get off work. After tidying up the table and the documents on it, she hurriedly locked the door and ran to the top of the building after Murphy left.

Out of breath, Nora ran to the top of the building in one breath. Seeing Cecilia's back to her, she had already arrived. "Cecilia, what do you want from me? Why are you so mysterious?"

Cecilia said, "Although I don't know what's wrong between you and Ryan, I have to tell you that he wants to give you a hard time and kick you out of the company."

From the moment she refused Ryan, she might have expected such a result, so she didn't feel surprised at all when she heard Cecilia's words.

Everything that should come would come.

Anyway, she would go back to face it. Just let the storm come more fiercely!

She didn't do anything wrong and was not afraid of ghosts knocking at the door at midnight.

She thought to herself, 'When I came to the company, I was good to everyone. After so many things, I have grown a lot and become more mature.'

Cecilia had said so much. Seeing that Nora seemed to be fearless of nothing, Cecilia, as a good friend of her, still advised her to be careful. Ryan and Laquisha were not good guys.

She thanked Cecilia for her kindness and promised that she would protect herself.

She came to Beijing with her son alone from her hometown, in order to escape from that place of trouble and give a good childhood to little Hugh. She didn't expect to meet this scum only half a year after she came to Beijing. Was she really going to admit defeat?

Her original dream hadn't come true yet. She told herself that she couldn't be defeated and that she would definitely give little Hugh a family in Beijing.

In the company, Nora carefully went to work and tried to avoid Ryan and Laquisha. However, they worked in the same company, so they couldn't avoid meeting each other. Moreover, they deliberately made trouble for her, and sometimes she couldn't avoid them.

Tomorrow is Jeremy's birthday. He wished everyone would all come to his birthday party. Jeremy is the lighting master of the crew. Originally, she could refuse such a party, but everyone knew that a good relationship was more needed in the entertainment circle.

Cecilia said to her, "Let's go together tomorrow."

The birthday party was held in an old courtyard in Beijing. It was very ancient. There were not many people attending the party. More than twenty people were handsome men and beautiful women.

This time, they were all grass-roots employees. They were on good terms, so they didn't have so much courtesy. They could play as they liked and say whatever they wanted to say.

While they were chatting happily, the closed door was suddenly pushed open. It turned out to be Ryan and Laquisha! Jeremy hurried to welcome Agent Ryan and Laquisha to his birthday party.

The atmosphere suddenly became nervous.

Because everyone knew that Laquisha was too arrogant and supercilious, and no one was willing to talk too much to her.

But for the sake of their friendship, they chatted with each other and sat down. This time, Laquisha sat next to her and greeted her with a smile. She knew how deep such a woman had hidden herself.

Soon, the party began.

They chatted while eating. Someone suggested that they should go to karaoke after dinner. They were all young people, so they naturally agreed.

After drinking a lot, Laquisha's face turned red, but she kept mumbling that she wanted wine. It was beneath her dignity. The man next to her advised her to stop drinking and have some food! However, she didn't take it seriously. She said today was Jeremy's birthday. I was so happy that I wanted to drink.

She had no choice but to open another bottle of wine.

In fact, only Ryan knew that Laquisha was not drunk at all.

On a whim, she was going to toast one by one. However, to her surprise, the first person she proposed a toast to was Nora. "Miss Laquisha, I really can't drink, I really can't. I'm sorry."

"I propose a toast to you today. You have to drink this glass of wine, and you have to drink it no matter what. Otherwise, you just look down upon me." Now that Laquisha has played a rascal. Nora didn't know how to deal with her.

The more others tried to persuade her, the more aggressive Laquisha became. She forced Nora to drink it and used her fingers to point at her. Nora didn't like others using their fingers to point at her at all. At this time, she pointed at her face and said, "Cheers! What kind of big shot do you think you are if you don't drink?"

The atmosphere was getting more and more tense, and she felt that it would explode at any time.

At this moment, with a slap, Laquisha slapped on the face of Nora. Immediately, five fingerprints appeared on her white face. She cursed, "I not only pointed at you, but also hit you. What can you do?"

The birthday party ended in discord in such an awkward atmosphere.

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