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   Chapter 13 Refuse

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It was a little cold in the morning in September. Nora rubbed her eyes and struggled to open them. She was too sleepy. Looking at her son who was still sleeping beside her, she felt warm in her heart.

In order not to wake her son up, she carefully grabbed her two slippers and quietly walked out of the bedroom. Today was Sunday, and she wanted her son to have a good sleep.

In the kitchen, while humming a tune, Nora was busy making breakfast. She made her favorite white fungus and lotus seed soup, and was barbecuing her son's favorite beef bread in the oven, and there were fried eggs in the electric pancake.

She was good at cooking.

After a while, a substantial and nutritious breakfast was ready. The delicious bread came out of the furnace and filled the whole kitchen, making people lick theri chaps when smelling it. When they saw it, their appetite increased greatly. Grace often teased rose. It was no wonder that she was not fat with you.

In fact, she was a typical type of wife which would take care of her husband and son, but unfortunately, everything had changed by accident. The reality had changed all the possibilities, making her become a strong woman, the spokesperson of a tough woman.

It was late. 'The little lazy pig' Hugh should get up and was about to have dinner. Nora ran to the bedroom of the tall plate and woke him up. Grace stretched his arm lazily and said, "Let me sleep a little longer! I'm so sleepy. It was too late to play with my phone last night."

Nora pulled the quilt aside and dragged her out of the bed. Hurry up, go to wash yourself. I'll wait for you for dinner!

Sitting on the chair, Hugh rubbed her chin with her little hands and blinked her big eyes, "Mommy's cooking smells so good. I'm drooling. Why hasn't godmother come out yet? I'm hungry."

At this time, when Grace heard what Hugh said, he quickly ran out of the room and said, "Godmother came, godmother came, and began to eat!" The three of them began to eat happily.

After dinner, Grace was in charge of taking care of Hugh, and Nora went straight to the kitchen. The water was flowing, and after washing the bowls and chopsticks, Nora quickly cleaned up the kitchen.

What a happy family!

Happiness was always fleeting. A busy life was about to begin.

Nora repeated every day, nine to five. It was a boring day. Fortunately, Cecilia was in the company, or she really didn't know how to kill time.

The clock on the wall was ticking, ruthlessly taking away people's youth. She thought that time couldn't go back. If time could go back, she was willing to pay all the price to go back to three years ago.

Knock, knock, knock, a knock on the door interrupted her thoughts. After tidying up the report, Nora said, "Please come in." Ryan walked in with four steps. "Do you have time tonight, Assistant Nora? I want to invite you to dinner."

"I'm sorry, Agent Ryan. I have something else to do tonight," said Nora with a smile, looking at him. Because she knew that it was not easy to deal with the business, and she had to be careful everywhere.

She also knew what kind of person he was. He was a playboy with a cruel heart. She didn't know how many girls in the company had been with him before.

Nora refused his invitation. She didn't know what would happen later, so she was not in the mood to think about it.

Ryan looked at her helplessly and thought, 'You don't know how to appreciate favors.'

So he walked to her office without any interest.

Ryan, who was rejected by Nora, felt uncomfortable in her heart. All th

e women in the company had shown their respect to him. Even if he asked Laquisha to have a meal, she wouldn't refuse.

Sometimes, a trivial thing could make a dirty person bury the seeds of hatred.

Since then, Ryan had been holding grudges against Nora. The more he disliked her, the more he felt that she was against him again, just because she was the assistant of Murphy.

When she went to work, Ryan would pick a quarrel with Nora for no reason. In the past, Ryan didn't come to Murphy's office often, and everything was sent through mobile phone or Internet. Now he went at least three times a day.

"He is a neat freak. He can't see anything dirty, and there is dust on his desk. What's wrong with you?" Ryan scolded.

"When did you finish this document and send it to me? Now it's already several o'clock. Can you have a sense of time?" Ryan said fiercely.

Every day, Ryan would find a big push to make things difficult for her.

In order to work in the company, Nora beared her anger and completed the task assigned by him as soon as possible. She was extremely tired every day, so she couldn't lose her temper because she had Hugh.

What was more annoying was that when it was time to get off work, he found some documents and asked Nora to modify them. Some of them were not under her scope of work at all.

It was very late when she got home from work every day. "Why are you so late now? Do you have overtime pay? Don't even care about your health in order to make money. "

With a tired body, Nora nodded.

In fact, she didn't have any overtime pay, but she was afraid that if she said the truth, Grace would fight with Ryan. And then the matter between her and Murphy would be exposed.

She didn't want to lose her job, but she didn't want to leave Murphy. Although the two people talked little every day, it was enough for her to look at him closely.

No matter what kind of method Ryan used to make things difficult for her, he failed. He was like a cunning fox. He would definitely think of other ways until Nora agreed to have dinner with him.

Unfortunately, Ryan was wrong. He didn't know how strong willpower was hidden in her body even if she was thin and weak.

She never wanted to be defeated by anyone in the world.

Laquisha was a bad woman with evil spirit. She was a joke maker who was eager to stir up trouble.

In Ryan's office, with a snicker on her face, she looked at Ryan and said, "What's wrong with you recently? Why are you so indifferent to me? Do you have a crush on the girl in that department again?"

When the two were flirting with each other, they were met by Nora. When she was going to take the documents, the door of his office was not tightly closed. When she knocked on the door, she didn't expect that the door was opened by herself. It was embarrassing!

Taking the documents, Nora hurried out and cursed in her heart, 'A shameless couple.'

Things had passed in a twinkling of an eye. Who would be so bored to talk about it every day? In Laquisha's opinion, Nora was just an assistant and she wouldn't tell anyone about it.

As a woman who came to Beijing to work, protecting her job was more important than anything else.

Ryan, who was full of evil thoughts, didn't think so. His narrow mind restricted other people's kindness. He believed that Nora would definitely make a fuss about his relationship with Laquisha. It would be a bad thing if she told it to Murphy. Office romance was absolutely not allowed, not to mention that it was not office romance. It could be called an affair.

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