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   Chapter 12 The Party

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Time passed by like water. Time was really a ruthless butcher which killed all of us.

After the completion of a play, she could have a rest. How can she arrange the time? Nora had to think about it carefully.

During this period of time, Grace also found a job. She no longer complained every day. The businesswomen were the most beautiful and confident.

Now the society was different from before. Men were no longer inferior to women. They were no longer that man is in charge of the outside affairs while woman inside the home. Now women could also support a family, or even stronger than men.

Her outstanding work had been recognized by her colleagues in the company. As a capable assistant of Murphy, she had done a good job, so she didn't allow him to find out anything wrong.

It seemed that Nora was a legend among all the assistans of Murph.

It had been more than half a year since Nora became his assistant. It was really a legend in the company. How many assistants had resigned before! Nobody knew how she made it.

But no matter how well she did, he had never smiled at her.

She was hardworking and never talked nonsense in the company. No matter it was a private matter of anyone, she would keep silent.

Now that she was so excellent in the company, she had to raise her salary, which made her very happy. With a raise, she could take her son to eat delicious food and buy some clothes she liked. Women were born to love beauty.

Sometimes it was not necessarily a good thing if things went too smoothly. Although it was passed the test, the workplace was the workplace after all. It was not as simple as a university. It might be the prelude to the future of her.

Everyone in our team must come to the party tonight. Anyone who is late must be punished.

After receiving the notice, Nora thought it might be a good chance to have a get-together and communicate with each other.

When she got home, she found that Grace was still working. She took out her phone and called her.

Nora said, "Grace, I can't have dinner with you at home tonight. Take care of yourself. And pick up Hugh at seven o'clock in the school, bathe him, feed him, and lull him to sleep. It's all up to you!"

"I know. Your son is always in my mind. I will take good care of him. Don't forget that he is also my godson."

Only Grace knew her best.

Normally, when she went to work and went to the company, she wore a business suit. Tonight's dinner party, she couldn't wear a business suit. She opened the wardrobe and looked at it blankly. She didn't have any decent clothes.

But what annoyed her most was that her best friend, Grace, wore most of the gender neutral clothes, but Nora didn't like to wear them. What should she do? It was really a bad new for her.

These clothes were bought a few years ago. Since she had Hugh, all her attention was on him, and every penny she earned was spent on him.

It turned out that she hadn't bought a decent dress in the past few years. It was so pathetic.

There were only a few clothes left in her wardrobe. Suddenly, her eyes focus on a light blue dress. She bought this dress when she went to play with Murphy.

At that time, when she was wearing a dress, Murphy was stunned by her. He said foolishly, "You are so beautiful, Nora. One day, I will let you be th

e most beautiful and happiest bride in the world."

She really couldn't find any clothes to go to the party. She gritted her teeth and decided to wear this one.

Anyway, what happened before were the past. It didn't a beauty contest. It was just an ordinary party. Just be yourself!

After making up herself, Nora went downstairs and set out.

She took a bus to save some money because she knew it was not easy to make money. Besides, her son also needed a high expense. After getting off the bus, she had to walk for a while before she could reach the hotel.

When she arrived at the hotel, the parking lot was already full. What a luxurious hotel! Five star hotel! Why did the employees party held in such a luxurious hotel? It was a waste. Rich people liked to show off.

We cannot implicate with others blindly.

The private room was on the nineteen floor of the hotel. Nora went up by elevator.

It was a large single room, which could hold thirty or fourty people. When she pushed the door open, there were already a lot of people inside. Cecilia called out her name, "Nora, why are you so late? Come on, let's sit together."

With a smile, Nora walked to Cecilia and sat down next to her. She was the one who get along with Nora best in the company. She was gentle in speech and diligent in work. The most important thing was that she didn't like gossip.

The two of them smiled and chatted.

She looked around the room, but didn't see him. Didn't Murphy come to the party? She patted her head and asked her not to care about anything.

She was wearing a business suit at work, so she couldn't see anything. Tonight's dinner was really varied and each of them showed their theurgy. Were they so hot?

What's more, the smell on her body was really unbearable. It was so fragrant that she couldn't sniff. But this kind of fragrance was a little disgusting.

I really don't know how women like them disguise themselves when they go to work.

The door opened.

Murphy came in. Ryan and Laquisha followed him in.

It seemed that they came here together.

Sitting in an inconspicuous corner, Nora and Cecilia kept talking and laughing, as if the party had no relationship with them.

Everyone was here, and the last one to arrive was the big shot, as expected.

While the dishes were served, Ryan made an opening speech. He said, "Tonight's dinner is also a thank-you meeting. I also wish our team to finish the shooting of this new play and sell it out next year. Next, Let's warmly welcome Mr. Murphy."

Claps broke out.

Murphy stood up. He wore casual clothes tonight, looking very energetic, but he only said, "thank you, everyone. Thank you for your support."

What a bad tempered man he was! He would never say one more word to others.

When he looked at everyone present, his eyes fell on Nora. He seemed to have seen this dress before, and his heart seemed to be pricked by a needle.

The woman in front of him looked familiar, but she was also strange. Why did he have a headache every time he saw her? He was also confused and depressed. What was going on.

It was not the first or two times that he had such a feeling. He had a terrible headache as long as he thought about why. Therefore, every time he saw Nora, he would deliberately restrain himself from thinking about it.

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