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   Chapter 11 Unwilling To Recall

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It turned out that it was not a real stomachache, but an acute gastroenteritis. Nora's aunt was a doctor, and she had some common sense of life.

Seeing that Murphy covered his stomach with his hand, Nora felt sorry for him, but she was too embarrassed to express it. After all, they were in a supervisor-subordinate relationship now, and the most important thing was that he has lost his memory. He didn't know who Nora was at all.

Murphy asked, "Where is the medicine? Get me a glass of water. I want to take medicine."

It was not until then that Nora came to her senses and said, "I don't think you just have a stomachache. Lie down and I'll check your body."

"You know medical skills," said Murphy in surprise.

"I'll give it a try," replied Nora.

Murphy said with a wry smile, "Really? Is there any chance to see a doctor? If you can see, then have a try. But don't pretend to understand. You can't afford to delay my illness!"

"Now that I said I want to have a try, it means that I know a little about it," said Nora in a hurry.

Unexpectedly, Murphy lay down obediently. With her hands on his abdomen, Nora asked, "Does it hurt here?"

"It doesn't hurt. The part you pressed doesn't hurt," said Murphy.

Nora changed a part and pressed it hard. "Oh, my God! It hurts. Can't you be gentle?" Murphy was about to cry and said.

"Get up. I'll go to the hospital with you," said Nora with a smile.

"Why should I go to the hospital? I can take medicine."

"If you don't go to the hospital, your illness will be more and more serious. If you can't make it right, you need to have an operation," said Nora, shaking her head helplessly.

"Is it so serious?" Murphy shrugged with fear.

"That's it," said Nora.

"All right! It's up to you. You are my assistant." Murphy said half-jokingly.

Nora could only smile.

After going downstairs, Murphy said, "I'm uncomfortable and can't drive. You drive!"

Nora said shamefully, "I'm stupid. I don't know how to drive. Let's take a taxi to the hospital!" Then, she hailed a taxi.

When they were in college, the class was not very tight, so Murphy learned to drive and got the driver's license.

Later, he asked her to learn how to drive. In this way, when he drank or had something to do, she could drive home by herself. But at that time, she was very timid and did not learn.

Now she remembered that if she had listened to Murphy's words at that time, she would not have been embarrassed this time if she had learned it?

The taxi stopped at the gate of the hospital. After getting off the car, Nora quickly opened the door for Murphy, paid the taxi fare, and helped him enter the hospital.

She asked him to wait for her on the bench in the hall of the hospital.

She went to register and pay the money.

After a series of complicated tests, it was finally the turn to call out the name of Murphy.

In the end, the doctor diagnosed that it was acute gastroenteritis, so he had to operate on it immediately.

But there was a new play to shoot tomorrow, which was very important. It was written by a famous director, and it was very helpful for his future career.

Murphy hesitated.

"Get ready for the surgery! Health is the most

important. It's not a big operation. You can be discharged in a few days."

Murphy said, "I know my body. Let's have an intravenous drip first. I have a rest today anyway."

She knew what kind of person he was. Although he had lost his memory and couldn't remember what had happened in the past, his temper and personality would never change.

She had to call the doctor and ask him to prescribe the medicine. After a while of busy work, the infusion was finally put on. At this time, Murphy closed his eyes. It seemed that he didn't sleep well even when he opened his eyes.

Looking at Murphy lying on the bed, she felt so painful in her heart.

In the past, she loved this man deeply. She knew in her heart that at the same time, Murphy also loved her. But God liked to play tricks on people like this. People who were in love might not be together.

Every time she thought of the past, her heart was bleeding. Why was the God so unfair? Why was it so cruel for her to suffer such a thing?

Tears were welling up in her eyes. She tried her best not to let them fall. Only in this way could she feel strong. Who knew how hard it was for a woman to bring up a child.

No matter how strong and capable a woman was, she had her weak side, and Nora was no exception.

In the dead of night, only Nora knew how many tears she had silently shed. She pretended to be strong in front of others. She didn't want others to see her weak side. She didn't want others to pity her.

But when a woman faced the man she loved deeply, she would take off her disguise, let the man she loved protect her and feel sorry for herself.

But at this moment, Murphy would never know, because he has lost his memory and he did not remember her. What a poor woman!

Next day, it was still very hot and dry. In order to shoot, Murphy dragged his sick body to the stage. Although Nora felt sorry for him, she couldn't afford it.

Over the years, he didn't eat well, sometimes he was hungry, and sometimes he drank too much, which resulted in his current body. The shooting went smoothly, and only Nora knew how uncomfortable he was.

"Wipe your sweat and have a rest. Don't work too hard," said Nora, handing a towel to Murphy.

"It doesn't matter. Men's work is important," said Murphy coldly.

Nora was speechless.

Why did he seem to be very good to her sometimes, talking and laughing, and sometimes cold to her, like the winter of December.

According to the progress of the movie, it would take at least two months to finish the shooting. Nora was worried about the health of Murphy.

There were many handsome men and beautiful women in the company, while she was a woman with a child. She didn't want to think too much. It was too tiring.

Since he had no memory of her and didn't remember her at all. Why should she still love him? Moreover, she had something wrong with him.

She came to Beijing without any relatives and only knew one person named Grace. But it was good. At least others didn't know her past.

She didn't want others to know her past, especially her past with Murphy.

She closed her eyes silently and let him bury it in her heart! It could be regarded as a permanent memory, which would never be opened.

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