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   Chapter 10 Past Events Have Faded Like A Puff Of Smoke.

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In the company, Nora sat upright on the chair, skillfully tapping the keyboard with her slender hands. She had been working for two hours, with sore neck and numb fingers.

Today, only Nora was left in the office after Murphy had a rest. She looked around the whole room in boredom. It was so quiet that even the sound of a small needle dropping on the ground could be heard.

Nora was a little thirsty. She made herself a cup of coffee. It was so boring to be alone in the office. She wanted to cheer herself up or she would fall asleep.

She also tried a cup of coffee without sugar. She remembered that Murphy ever added sugar in his coffee. The reason was that if he added sugar, the real quality of the coffee would be lost.

In a person's life, no one could grow up without going through some hardship.

Nora picked up the cup and took a sip. It was very bitter and astringent. She drank it through the way of eating, and there was a natural mellow fragrance of coffee in her mouth.

Now she understood that she had to learn to accept and let go of something.

After drinking a cup of bitter coffee, Nora felt much better and relieved. The bitter coffee, which was his favorite, also taught her a lot of life experience.

At this moment, Nora was a little tired, to be exact, a little tired.

It was especially hot outside in June.

With her arms around her shoulders, Nora leaned against the window and looked downstairs. She saw that the street outside was crowded with people coming and going. The pace of life in this city was too fast. Everyone seemed to be so busy that they didn't have any time to rest. It was better than doing nothing.

It was already ten o'clock, but she still didn't see Murphy. Yes, yesterday's shooting was too late, and he was too tired and sleepy. Today's schedule was not very busy, so let him have a good sleep.

Since Murphy didn't come to the company today, Nora seemed to be a little disappointed. She was listless the whole morning and was absent-minded in doing anything. Let's take the arrangement of the schedule the day after tomorrow as an example, she actually dialed the wrong time two times, which was the most taboo in the workplace.

Nora smoothed her bangs on her forehead, thinking that it had been so many days since she came to the company. She had been facing the man she once loved deeply every day, but Murphy had been indifferent to her. Alas, it was really a cruel fact that she had lost her memory.

Every time Nora was tempted, her heart ached.

She had made ten thousand assumptions, but they couldn't make up for such a fact.

Every time she thought of that dirty night, she hated herself to death, not others, but herself. If she hadn't drunk so much at that time and hadn't been so willful, how could she regret for tens of millions of years now.

What was supposed to come would come, what was supposed to go would go. Life could continue, but what was supposed to end should also end.

Three years had passed, and more than 1000 nights had passed. How many nights had she spent in insomnia? Only Nora knew it clearly in her heart. She would eat the bitter fruit she made and choose her own way.

For many times, she had wanted to leave this helpless world.

How many

times had she faced all the reality, happy or cruel, as a woman, she accepted all because she had a son, little Hugh.

She remembered that when little Hugh was just born, the color of her life turned to be grey. It was because Grace accompanied with her and encouraged her, so she decided to be brave from then on.

At that time, everyone rolled their eyes at her. The cold wind was scornful, and rumors were spreading. How shameful and shameful it was for a girl to get pregnant before marriage!

At that time, she felt that her life was worse than death. But the day would go by day by day, for the sake of little Hugh.

Grace tried every means to make Nora happy all day long. Nora knew what she was thinking and understood that she did it for the sake of her and little Hugh. She also made a promise. With my help, you and your son don't need to be worried at all. I'm your strong backing, and he's the godmother of little Hugh.

The name of Hugh was given by Grace. The child's surname was Su, and his name was Hugh. She gave his this name. Nora smiled, with tears in her eyes. She was moved and grateful.

After graduating from college, because of her poor study, she didn't go on with his further study. She chose to work in Beijing.

From learning to speak, to learning to take the first step, to calling out the first mother, Nora experienced all the hardship.

Later, little Hugh grew up and gradually helped her to heal her wound. She was very obedient. He seemed to know when she was happy and when she was upset. Whether she would choose to be silent or not, and whether she would be naughty and cute, which was the happiest gift from God for her.

All of a sudden, her phone rang. It was a call from Murphy. She thought he maybe get a good sleep.

On the other end of the phone, Murphy said in a weak voice, "My belly hurts. Please bring me some medicine." Nora replied, "Okay, okay."

She trotted out of the office and took the elevator downstairs. Not far from the company's downstairs was a large pharmacy. She said to the waiter inside, "My belly hurts. Take some painkillers."

She was so stupid that she hung up the phone from Murphy and took the medicine to send it to him. She didn't know where he lived and where she would send the medicine! "Am I stupid?"

Nora quickly took out her phone, found the number of Murphy and dialed back.

Du...Du...Why didn't anyone answer the phone? The anxious Nora stamped her feet and dialed three times. Finally, the phone was connected. Nora asked, "Where do you live in? I'll take a taxi there right away. The medicine is ready."

Murphy said, "I live in the RD community." Then he hung up the phone.

Nora took a taxi and said, "Go to RD community." "Okay. I'll be there soon," said the driver.

It turned out that there were two streets between the community and company where Murphy lived.

The taxi driver drove very expertly. Ten minutes later, the car stopped at the gate of a high-end community. After getting off the car and paying the fare, she took out her mobile phone and dialed the number of him.

"Hello, I'm here. Which floor do you live on?" asked Nora.

"To the east of floor twelve in area B," said Murphy weakly.

"Okay, I'll be right there," replied Nora.

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