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   Chapter 9 Memory Loss

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In fact, Nora didn't mean to eavesdrop. When she was about to knock on the door, a voice came from inside, "How is Murphy?" Out of curiosity, she didn't knock at the door. Instead, she leaned forward again, so that she could hear it more clearly.

Like a thunderbolt from a sunny day, Nora was blown back a few steps and took a deep breath deeply. It turned out that Murphy was injured in a car accident four years ago. After he recovered, he actually lost his memory, forgetting all the memories of the past four years, of course, including her.

What happened four years ago was still vivid in his mind. At that time, in his eyes, except for Nora, he didn't like anyone else, including the campus belle who was the most beautiful at that time. She did not let him leave Nora. In the classroom, in the canteen, in the campus's forest, near the school's Cafe, they were all together. The four years of college life had been the happiest time in her life.

How could such a deep love be forgotten and abandoned? At least for her, this unforgettable love would not be forgotten and abandoned.

After tidying up her thoughts, Nora took two deep breaths and coughed slightly. She slowly raised her right hand and knocked on the door of Ryan's office. His voice came from inside, "Who is it? Come in!"

"Agent Ryan, where is the original copy of the night view that Mr. Murphy wants?"

"Ah! Who do I think outside? It's you, little girl." "Your name is Nora Su right?"

"Yes," replied Nora.

"How do you feel as Murphy's assistant?"

"I'm fine," said Nora.

"Wait and see." said Laquisha with a smile.

Without saying anything, she took the original copy of the document and went back to the office of Murphy.

After sitting down, he couldn't calm down. She thought of the hateful look on Laquisha's face and thought, 'I admired her in the past. However, she is really a hypocritical woman.' What a horrible woman! She thought of the conversation between Ryan and Laquisha and looked at the river. What kind of heart was hidden under his cold handsome appearance.

It was not that he didn't talk to her or didn't know her. It was just that he had lost his memory and forgotten everything. He had forgotten everything in the past. Seeing that he was working hard, Nora was very worried about him. She didn't see the wrong person. He was still the man in her heart.

All of a sudden, her phone rang, and it was from Miss Michelle. She quickly picked it up. Because she was in the office, she said in a very low voice, "Are you Hugh's mother?"

"Yes," answered Nora nervously.

"Hugh fought with other children and cried. No matter how hard we tried to comfort him, it didn't work. He cried and called us, so we had to call you." continued Miss Michelle.

Her heart skipped a beat. Hugh had always been very obedient. How could he fight with a child? Then, Nora told the teacher, "I'll ask for a leave right away and go to school to see the child." Then she hung up the phone.

Although her voice was so low, it seemed that she had been heard by Murphy, because there were only two people in the room, Nora and Murphy. She look

ed at him, but did not wait for her to speak.

Murphy said, "Now there is nothing important in the company. You should go to school as soon as possible! Let's see what happened to the baby."

Looking at him, Nora had an indescribable feeling. If he hadn't lost his memory, he wouldn't have treated her like this. Now he was not only good to her, but also cared about little Hugh.

When she was about to leave, Murphy said, "Let me drive you there! If you wait for a car here, have you ever thought about how the baby will cry when you arrive at school?"

She didn't know what was wrong with him. Anyway, he said so and did it. "Thank you very much, thank you very much," said Nora in a hurry.

In less than half an hour, they arrived at the school gate of little Hugh. Murphy asked Nora to get off the car first and he parked the car himself. Then the two of them entered the school one after the other and went directly to the second floor. When they arrived at the door of little Hugh's classroom, Nora saw her son pouting in grievance and sitting on her seat. There were tears on her face, and her eyes turned to be red. With a pitiful look on her face, she picked up little Hugh and followed the teacher to the office.

When they went out, Murphy heard a child say, "Hugh has a father. Isn't he here?"

'Have she divorced? Was he dead? Or she pronated before marriage? What was wrong with him? How could he think about these things?

Following the teacher, Nora went into the teacher's office together. The teacher invited two of them to sit down. The teacher said first, "It's not that complicated. A child said that he didn't see Hugh's father pick him up from school, so he just said, 'Hugh. Don't you have a father? As a result, Hugh scratched her face. Since you and your wife are here, don't be too busy with your work in the future. Think about the feelings of your child more. You can't let your mother pick you up all the time. Your father should also put aside his work and get along with him more often. It's good for the baby's growth and development."

Hearing that, Nora's face flushed. Looking out of the window, Murphy said to the teacher, "You are right. We will correct our mistakes in the future. We will never let the child feel lonely again." She didn't expect that he would say something like that to help her out. But what would happen in the future? Would he always pick up him?

After a while, the school bell rang. Nora took the little hand of Hugh, and Murphy also took his hand and walked towards the school gate. They were a happy family of three.

Little Hugh became very happy in the car. He asked Murphy, "Uncle, your hands are so big! Your hands are bigger and warmer than my mommy!"

Looking at little Hugh, he smiled and said, "Would you mind if I often hold your hands?"

Little Hugh shouted happily, "Uncle, uncle, is that true? I would like so!"

"Uncle, give me your hand. Let's hang on the hook. Don't change your promise for one hundred years." A sweet smile appeared on the young face of little Hugh. Listening to their conversation, she once again fell into the memory of a long time ago.

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