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   Chapter 6 Work With Him

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Murphy stared at her and asked, "Aren't you going to get the key? Do you want me to stay outside with you?"

In a hurry, she ran to another room and found Ryan. After getting the key, she trotted to Murphy, opened the door and followed him. She followed him like a sheep, and felt uncomfortable as if she had turned over a gourmet bottle. What happened before with him was like a movie being played one by one in her mind.

Fortunately, after three years of training, she was no longer the girl she used to be. After adjusting her mood, she thought, 'since you don't want to mention the past, why should I be bothered by these?' Now the most important thing is to work hard, and don't let Grace down. Do this job well, and take good care of his baby, Hugh. He is my life, my support, and my pillar.

Suddenly, Murphy coughed and said, "Hello! What are you doing here? What are you thinking about if you don't work? "At this time, Nora suddenly woke up from her distant thoughts and quickly said, "Okay, I see. I'll arrange it right away."

It was a nice day today. The soft sunshine reflected on the cold and arrogant face of Murphy through the window, making his face extraordinarily angular. Such a man was really a beauty. Sitting in the back row, Nora thought, "Murphy, Murphy, are you really so heartless?" You acted as if nothing had happened between you and me in the past few years. Are you even stranger to me than strangers? What happened to her?

The car was running slowly, and an old song was playing, "It's raining all the time. The atmosphere is not harmonious..." It was such a good day. Listening to such a song, the atmosphere was really not harmonious. Nora wanted to laugh, but she held it back. After all, she and Murphy had become strangers now.

As she counted casually, she felt that time passed quickly. All of a sudden, she smelled a very familiar scent, the fragrance of mint candy. Why? Why? You haven't changed your habits and hobbies, but you don't remember me? Her heart ached again.

At half past nine, the car stopped at the downstairs of the press conference. At this time, there were already a lot of people around. The screams, screams, and deafening applause were no less than the momentum of an A-lister. Those who presented flowers, those who wanted his signature, those who wanted to take a photo, were very lively.

Nora got crazy about this situation. She thought, "It's too pretentious. Why will they be so crazy for Murphy? He is quiet normal, isn't he?'

Murphy walked unhurriedly, followed by Nora unhurriedly. Ryan dealt with his fans gracefully, and four bodyguards led the way. This scene was awesome.

When everything was ready, it was already ten o'clock. The press conference was about to begin. With the grand introduction of the host, all eyes were focused on Murphy. He was wearing a straight suit, shiny leather shoes and slowly walking to the stage like a gentleman. Thunderous applause rang out. He gestured everyone to sit down and smiled, "The press conference begins. You can ask whatever you want."

Nora didn't know how she could stay here for an hour. No matter what kind of tricky questions the reporters raised, they were all wisely dealt with by him. What kind of man was he now? Nora was also confused. This was completely different from Murph

y three years ago.

"What are you doing?" asked the muddleheaded girl Nora was scared to wake up. Why did she fall asleep again? Yes, she was too tired these days. She had planned to come to Beijing to look for Grace, and then lived a peaceful life. However, she met Murphy like a drama. These questions almost made her collapse. It was no wonder that she didn't fall asleep.

It was time for lunch. Because he was a germophobe, he seldom had lunch in an ordinary hotel. They drove to a five star hotel. After getting off the car, Nora stuck out her tongue and said, "It's too luxurious and too high-end. It's just an imperial palace."

Murphy glanced at Nora and went straight to the elevator. She hurried to open the elevator door and let him in firstly, When they arrived at the hall, they turned two corners and came to a VIP room.

It was so quiet. The intoxicating music, the elegant environment. She would be satisfied if she sat here. Hahaha, she was thinking nonsense again.

After a while, all the dishes were served. For some reason, Nora took out a pair of rosewood chopsticks from her bag and handed them to Murphy. At this time, both Murphy and Ryan were stunned.

Murphy, a neat freak, always prepared a pair of chopsticks for himself without using any hotel chopsticks. However, how could an assistant, who had just come to the company for working about half a day, know so clearly and carefully?

For various reasons, Ryan hadn't told this to her yet. He thought, "Maybe it was Murphy who told her. It must be!"

At this moment, Murphy felt the girl in front of him was so familiar and strange. He had a feeling of pain. He thought, "Why do you have such a strange idea?"

All this was gone through in their speculation. Sometimes, she was really speechless, because this city was also strange to her.

After dinner, she had to have a simple rest. At one o'clock, she had to shoot two advertising endorsement and several night scenes.

After taking a break, they set off for the next station to shoot the advertising endorsement. For Murphy who working in the entertainment circle for so many years, the advertising endorsement was easy to get. The shooting went very smoothly. Sitting beside them all the time, Nora muttered, "Murphy has really gone smoothly all the way." However, everything was fine, even if he doesn't want to recognize me."

The night scene of the city at night was really fascinating. The lights were bright, the traffic was crowded, and the scene was lively, no less than in the day. Under the night light, Murphy was more masculine. Every move for him was mature, steady and capable. What kind of person was he? Why did he pretend not to recognize me? Did he want to humiliate her more ruthlessly and embarrass her more in the future? She couldn't stand it anymore.

After a day's work, Nora dragged her tired body back to her and Grace's small apartment. At this time, little Hugh had already fallen asleep. He was still young, and he could not understand his mother's hard work. When he grew up, he would naturally understand. Looking at the small pink face of Hugh, she felt that everything was worth it.

After washing up, she said to Grace, "Good night, honey. I fell asleep with my son in my arms. I was looking forward to tomorrow in my beautiful dream."

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