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   Chapter 5 The First Day Of Work

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The agent asked Nora to get off work early because she only needed to be familiar with the environment on the first day.

On the way to pick up Hugh, she looked up at the sky.

The sun was still hanging in the sky, but the sun was not very warm. There were few clouds in the sky, and the sky was very blue, filled with golden light. The breeze blew, and she gathered the short hair near her ear and smiled at the sun. Life would always be better and better, after all, she believed that.

When Nora went to find her son, Hugh was playing basketball in the sponge heap. He was laughing happily with other children as young as him.

Children's world was really simple and pure. There was no profit, no money, no disputes and no pressure of life. They only cared about their happiness.

Looking at the happy face of Hugh, Nora couldn't help laughing. At this time, she was like a child with small dimples and starry eyes.

What she didn't know was that on the roadside, Murphy's car happened to pass by. Seeing her simple and happy appearance, his mouth slightly raised.

"Mommy!" Hugh's voice was so sweet that her heart melted.

Soon it was time to leave the nursery school with Hugh. Nora held him in her arms. But on the way back, she was a little worried, thinking about what the teacher had just said, "Hugh is very obedient. He doesn't cry or make trouble, but he is only two years old after all, and it is too young compared to other children in the nursery school. At this age, living with parents are still good for her physical and mental health."

She also wanted to give him a happy childhood, but... She couldn't do it.

When Nora came back, she found that Grace was cooking after work, which was rare to see this scene.

"Why did you get off work so early today?" Asked Nora as she entered the room.

"I resigned." There was no sadness in her tone. Instead, she sounded relaxed and free.

After putting the dishes on the table, Grace sat down in a straight way and said to Nora, "People's life is really too short. It's better for me to work happily and freely than to be obsequious to guard the salary that won't rise every day!"

Hearing this, Nora smiled brightly. She reached out and held Grace's hand. "Grace, in fact, you know what? I have always been envious of you. You are brave enough to do what you want to do. If you want to cry, you cry. If you want to laugh, you laugh. She could have come to Beijing to work hard for her dream, but now she could still work hard for it. No matter how unreachable your dream is, you will always work hard unhurriedly step by step. She had never thought of giving up. Grace, remember, no matter what you do, I will support you. "

All of a sudden, Grace's eyes turned red and her voice choked with sobs, "Nora, I am really... I know only you can understand me."

"Well, don't be so sentimental!" Pretending to be annoyed, she touched her head softly.

"How's your first day at work today?" Grace ended the topic and asked with concern.

"I saw... Murphy." Her tone was very calm, but no one knew how nervous she was in her heart every time she mentioned this name.

Apparently, she was frightened. As far as she knew, after breaking up with Nora, Murphy went abroad directly under the arrangement of his family. Why did he come back so soon? Fortunately, he met her again in Beijing.

"What a coincidence! You were really an unrightful couple!" Grace teased deliberately. After all, three years had passed. It was bette

r to let it go.

However, when she mentioned him before, she didn't have any reaction. Today, she suddenly cried. Her eyes turned red in a few seconds, and tears fell down like raindrops.

At this moment, Nora was like a helpless child, as if she had been indifferent all day long and suddenly exploded at this moment. Her strong armor had been removed all day long. At this moment, she was incomparably fragile.

In fact, most of the time, she felt that she didn't know herself well. She had always thought that three years was enough for her to forget, but she didn't. all kinds of suppressed emotions and dust laden heartache had already Nora from the ground when she saw him again.

"Let me calm down for a while. It's okay." Said Nora, sniffing.

Grace handed her a glass of water and went to take care of Hugh. She knew her best. No matter what, she would not easily show her fragile side to others. Only in this way could she make people more worried about her.

Most of the time, Nora admired her self-healing ability. Although her emotions were easy to explode, she could immediately calm down after staying alone for a while.

On the second morning, when she got up, as expected, her eyes were swollen. With a sigh, Nora applied some ointment on her face with an ice spoon and went out with Hugh.

Because Murphy had to go to the film crew to shoot a movie early this morning, as an assistant, Nora had been arranged to do the preparatory work early in the morning, such as sorting out the things that she had brought to the film crew, arranging the documents, and arranging the time and position of the stylist. So she had gone to the company early in the morning.

But to her surprise, the door of Murphy's office was not opened. Because she was in a hurry the day before yesterday, she forgot to ask Ruth for the key. It was only six o'clock in the morning, and few people came to the company. With a sigh, she had to squat down at the door of the office and wait for Murphy or his agent.

"Hey!" A man's voice woke up her. She didn't know why she fell asleep. When she saw clearly that the man in front of her was Murphy, she immediately stood up from the ground.

"I didn't take the key yesterday. I'm sorry!" Nora explained hurriedly.

"Go and get it from Ryan later." Murphy didn't blame her, but said lightly.


Nora was a little confused.

Hearing her question, the hand that was going to open the door stopped. He turned around and looked at Nora with a faint smile, but his tone was still cold. "You haven't known his name for a long time, right?"

"Oh, I see." It was not until then that she came to her senses. She patted her head heavily, regretting that she must be fooled.

She raised her head and looked straight into his eyes. There was no emotion in his deep eyes, but it inexplicably made her feel a little oppressed and uncomfortable.

"What's your schedule today?" He skipped over the topic and asked.

"Oh! Well, there is a press conference of a new play at ten o'clock this morning, and two advertising at one o'clock in the afternoon. We have to shoot several night scenes in the crew tonight." It only took her a few seconds to sort out her emotions and then she immediately devoted herself to her work, reciting the content of the work list that Ryan gave her.

"I'm quite busy today." Murphy frowned slightly, but quickly relaxed. He rubbed his temples and said lightly, "You can go to pack up your things in advance."


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