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   Chapter 4 Who Are You

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After Ruth left, only Nora was left in the office. This feeling was very strange.

The whole room was filled with a strong mint smell, which made her feel very familiar and her nose twitched involuntarily.

What she didn't forget was that Murphy loved mint very much. He always had mint candy in his mouth. On the one hand, to moisten his throat, because at that time, he was a member of the school broadcast station, and he read a lot of manuscript every day. More importantly, he said he liked the feeling of coolness.

During the four years in college, she also fell in love with mint. Until now, she still had mint candy in her bag, and the perfume was also mint.

Sure enough, he still kept this taste, but other things must have changed.

All of a sudden, a mocking smile appeared on Nora's face. She felt herself ridiculous. Things had changed, and she was the only one who was deeply entangled with the past. What's more, she was so down and out now. There was no need to make herself worse.

After wandering in the office for more than an hour, she finally understood what Ruth was helpless about.

She knew that Murphy had mysophobia and obsessive-compulsive disorder before, but it was not particularly serious. But now it seemed that it was really serious. It was really difficult for the assistant. She also understood the reason why the agency recruited the assistant of Murphy at a high price.

Perhaps it was because she got up too early in the morning that she felt sleepy after reading the documents for a few hours.

Fortunately, she was still a little rational and tried to hold on. Until after three o'clock in the afternoon, Murphy had not come back. Nora finally squatted on the ground and leaned against the table and fell asleep.

Until a familiar male voice rang in her ears, "who are you! ?" Nora suddenly opened her eyes.

What she saw was a familiar but strange handsome face. She hasn't seen him for three years. He has changed. His hair and clothes have changed. What made her a little sad was that he became more indifferent, which made her feel a little cold.

Obviously, Murphy was a little impatient. He frowned and stared at her angrily. His mysophobia was known to the whole company. This woman not only came to his office without permission, but also fell asleep here!

But to his surprise, although he didn't know this woman at all, his heart suddenly ached when he saw her.

Nora wanted to say something, but she didn't know what to say first. Should she say hello to him in a feigned manner, or should she go straight to the point that she has become his assistant.

"Who the hell are you! ?" Murphy raised his voice and said in a much colder tone.

When Nora came to her senses, she immediately stood up from the ground, but felt a little confused. Even if Murphy didn't care about the past at all, he wouldn't pretend that he didn't know her.

"I'm your new assistant, Nora Su." Nora was heart-broken. In her eyes, 'how much did Murphy hated me that he didn't want to get involved in the past. He hated me so much that he started to act as if he didn't know me. In that case, I'll go on like this.'

Hearing her words, Murphy frowned slightly, and his sharp eyes softened a little, but there was still an atmosphere of being away from

strangers, which made the air pressure around him much lower.

"Okay." Murphy glanced at her and responded simply. He felt strange. He has never seen this woman before, but why did she seem to be very familiar with him? Looking at her careful look and even her eyes turning red for a while, why did he feel a little sorry for her?

But in the end, he just rubbed his temples. Perhaps he has been under too much pressure recently.

Murphy simply didn't want to think about these things. He passed by Nora, walked to his office chair and sat down, starting to read the script he had recently picked up.

Nora stood at the same place, feeling a little helpless. It was the first time that Nora has seen Murphy like this. He was indifferent, as if he didn't care about anything. The man in front of her couldn't be connected with the former sunny boy at all.

But all of a sudden, she felt relieved. Maybe she has been entangled too much. People would change, and Murphy has just changed.

"Is there anything I can do for you?" Nora thought she should learn to find something to do.

Murphy ignored her and continued to read his script. Nora felt a little embarrassed, but more sad. After all, it was normal for her to feel uncomfortable when she saw her former intimate boyfriend being so alienated from her. But she felt that she was too sentimental, like a jumping clown. She was so childish in her heart.

Biting her lips, she turned around, made a cup of coffee without sugar in the tea room, took it to Murphy and put it at his hand.

It seemed that Murphy was too absorbed in the script. He was frightened by her sudden action and was a little angry. But when his eyes fixed on the coffee, he was suddenly stunned. After a long time, he asked, "Why didn't you add sugar?"

"Shall I... Add sugar?" It was obvious that Nora was also confused by his sudden question. She couldn't tell why, because when Murphy was preparing his thesis in the university, he often stayed up late. At that time, she made coffee for him and didn't add sugar, because he said that coffee should be bitter, and there was no need to add sugar to hide its original taste.

Murphy suddenly felt that the woman in front of him was a little interesting. She was submissive for fear of angering him. His former assistant disdained to do such trifles, so he didn't notice these habits. It was also a coincidence that this woman knew his habits when she made coffee for him for the first time.

"It's okay. You don't have to add sugar."

Murphy finally replied to her, "I like coffee without sugar. But normal people would add some sugar when they drink coffee. Because it's too bitter. Why don't you add sugar in coffee?"

Nora felt a little confused. Since Murphy didn't want to talk about the past, why did he talk about the topic on purpose like teasing her now?

"One of my friends once said that coffee is bitter, the purest and mellow taste." As she spoke, she stared at him.

Murphy just stared at her like that. What confused him was that this woman made him feel something he has never had when they met for the first time. And the sadness in her eyes inexplicably made him sad. His heart twitched again, as if a pair of invisible hands were holding the heart, suppressing himself to be unable to breathe.

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