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   Chapter 2 A Sudden Choice

Start With An Encounter By JESSICA KIRK Characters: 4986

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The weather in Beijing wasn't constant. It was snowing heavily yesterday. And today, the sun was shining.

When Nora got up, she saw that Grace had already prepared breakfast. Nora took out the milk powder from her backpack. Testing the temperature of her warm water, she quickly fixed up a bottle of milk and fed it to Hugh.

Grace watched her prepare everything smoothly in a few minutes. "You look like a mother," she said before pausing. "I don't know if it's a blessing or a curse." Nora winked.

"There's no need to mention such things in front of the child. Fortunately, he had given me the courage to face these things."

Seeing the state she was in, Grace stood up and turned away. At last, she paused at the door and sighed. "I'm going to work. You and Hugh could live here now. No worries." Without another word, she left in her heels.

The rental house covered an area of less than a hundred and fifty square meters, but more than half of the space was filled with clutter. The damp air made Nora shiver.

She had absolutely no time to waste. With Hugh's milk powder and their living expenses, she needed to start picking herself up – even if not for herself, then for Hugh.

Thinking of this, Nora turned on Grace's computer and submitted her resume to many part-time platforms. From what she could see, there were many people who had already applied. They all came from average universities. Nora had no advantage given that she didn't have any work experience.

However, she wasn't going to give up easily. After sending her resume to different companies, she turned around and noticed that Hugh had already fallen asleep.

Nora rubbed her hands and placed them on Hugh's face. A smile threaded across her lips.

Two years ago, when she had just graduated from college, she had so many opportunities to get started. However, she waved them all off because of the baby she was about to have. After giving birth to Hugh, she fell into a wave of depression for a year.

Her mother's words hit close to home. Nora still remembered what she had said, "You really are a cheap bitch!"

Nora sighed. Where had she gone wrong?

A notice came from her e-mail. Nora quickly opened it and found an advertisement. She was about to delete it when she saw a recruitment notice.

"Daniel's Agency..." she mumbled as she scanned the article. The agency was looking for an assistant!

However, as she read it, she couldn't help but furrow her eyebrows.

The Daniel's Agency was incredibly famous. It was the home of many superstars.

However, from what she had read, the company wasn't that strict in its recruitment process. All it needed was a bachelor's degree who attached importance to hygiene. And the monthly salary was incredibly high!

As soon as she had sent in her resume, she was informed that she had been accepted!

Nora stared at the acceptance letter in disbelief. She didn't expect that she could find a job this fast in Beijing.

She glanced at Hugh. He was just two and a half years old. It was still too early to send him to kindergarten. For a boy at his age, he should be sent to nursery school. She sighed. As a mother, she didn't do the best jobs in raising him.

The world was incredibly big and difficult. She and Hugh would still have to go through plenty of challenges in the future. It was up to them whether they could jump over those hurdles or not. The world would only act as a bystander.

It was not until midnight did Grace come back. She let out a string of curses outside the door, but she immediately stopped when she saw that Hugh had already fallen asleep.

Nora sat up. "What's wrong?"

Without saying a word, Grace sat down on the chair. Her eyes were bloodshot.

"What happened?" Nora furrowed her eyebrows in worry. Usually, Grace couldn't care less about the world, and now, it seemed that she was drowning in stress.

"Nora, do you think you need to rely on your nepotism to get a job?"

"Of course not! What are you thinking about?" Nora frowned.

"Hell, I'm even better than that bitch! I've been a supervisor for two years, but she's been promoted after working for half a year. All because she slept with the director's son!" She waved her hands exasperatedly. Tears were already streaming down her cheeks as she sobbed into her pillow.

Nora's nose was turning red as she sat next to Grace. She stretched out her hand and wrapped it around her friend. "Just be yourself, Grace. You're a hundred times capable than what you think you are. What's more, you get to keep a sense of dignity."

Every time Nora recalled that night, she couldn't help but be sad. That night, the two women bonded and shared their miserable lives with one another. After taking off her arrogant mask, Grace looked as if she was finally exhausted with life.

They hugged and cried the whole night.

At that point, they finally had a taste of reality, and none of them liked it.

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