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   Chapter 1 Reality

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An advertisement was playing on the high-speed train. A handsome man flashed into the screen from time to time.

"Woah! He's so handsome." "Murphy!" "He's the male star who just got a ticket to Hollywood." "My friend met him before. She said that he was so handsome and sweet!"

In a trance-like state, Nora Su lowered her head and tried her best not to listen to their ongoing chatter. However, she couldn't help but feel heavy inside. Although her heart ached at the sound of his name, she knew that she had absolutely nothing to do with him – at least, not anymore.

The little boy in her arms began to cry, as if hearing the sorrow of her heart. He was just about two to three years old with dark eyes and long eyelashes. He was a pitiful sight.

Nora Su patted the boy on his thigh, coaxing him to quiet down. He later followed suit.

She closed her eyes, feeling her head pounding more deliberately. It was because of the cold. She could already feel her eyes drooping, but she forced herself to stay awake, worried about the baby in her arms.

After a while, Nora Su let her mind wander to what had happened two years ago.

In the four years when they were together, he would always buy her breakfast in cold winter mornings and wait for her downstairs in her dormitory building. He would stay up all night to study with her when she failed her exams. He would accompany her to the activities she liked to participate in, even if he had no interest in them. And if she was jealous, he would do his best to put an end to those gossips and assure her that he was hers.

She would never forget the night on the rooftop. In a night of drifting snow, he held her hand and asked, "Nora, I've always wanted to be with you. Would you be my girlfriend?"

That night, she felt like a princess who finally found her prince. At that time, they thought it was them against the world.

"The train is about to reach Beijing. Please get ready." The steward's voice interrupted her thoughts.

Nora Su rubbed her eyes sleepily, shaking her head.

'Time had really changed us. Fortunately, even if I'm still struggling here, you're turning brighter and brighter. It's better like this... It's better that we forget about each other.'

Outside the window, it felt as if she was in another world covered in snow. Although it was still October, the city had experienced few bouts of snow along the month.

As soon as she got off the train, a gust of wind blew on her face. She helped the child in her arms close his jacket before zipping up her own.

Nora Su quickly found the nearest bank and grabbed the only card in her wallet. She inserted it into the ATM. Staring at the miserable number on the screen, she couldn't help but sigh.

A chill rushed up her chest. She covered her mouth and coughed a few times.

"Ring!" Just then, her phone rang. She glanced at the screen

and didn't answer.

When her phone rang again, she sighed and answered the phone.

"Nora, what are you doing? Why the hell didn't you tell me you're going to Beijing?" A woman's voice came from the other end of the line. It was her best friend, Grace Gao.

"I didn't want to bother you," Nora said bitterly.

There was a moment of silence before her friend answered helplessly,

"Look, even if you don't care about yourself, won't you think about Hugh? It's so cold outside. Are you going to make him suffer with you? Don't let your pride get to you!"

Nora squatted down and held Hugh's frozen face. She sighed. "Where do you live, Grace? I'll give you a visit."

Grace Gao immediately hung up. Within half a minute, she sent Nora her address.

Nora smiled, but she still felt bitter in her heart. Sometimes, she felt like a porcupine. Although she felt lonely, when someone would try to get close to her, her needles would start poking out.

However, her needles didn't protect her from the danger two years ago. Instead, those who did care about her had all suffered from her needles the most.

No matter Murphy Jiang, Grace Gao or her mother, they had done nothing wrong. They just felt sad and worried about her. She couldn't afford that, not anymore.

Even as her life had gotten wretched over the years, she had never bore any ill will against others. After everything she had gotten, God must've thought it was fair to give her hardships in exchange for her extravagance.

She had always hated herself. There were times when she wanted to leave the world countless of times, but she always backed out of it. Hugh Su was still so young. What would he be without his mother?

"Mom, I'm cold," he called out softly.

She gently ruffled his hair. "We'll see your godmother in a moment."

What Grace Gao said was right. She should cheer up for Hugh Su. She came to Beijing to escape from reality, but it was only then did she realize that she had to live a better life.

For Hugh Su and the people who cared about her.

Grace Gao didn't do well in Beijing. Although she was three years older than Nora, she was still single. She had become a supervisor in a small company, but it didn't pay much.

It was her dream to buy a suite in the capital, but reality didn't allow her to do so. Beijing had exhausted her. That was why Nora didn't want to ask for her help.

In a dark and damp rental basement, Grace Gao helped Nora with her luggage. "I'll move to a new place in a few days. I live here since it's near the company. You could let Hugh stay here for a few days."

Hearing that, Nora felt a lump in her throat. She bowed her head.

"Grace, thank you so much."

Grace Gao rolled her eyes. "Please, as if we aren't best friends! You're being too polite!" she snapped.

Nora plastered a smile on her face and hugged the woman in front of her.

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