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   Chapter 169 Wedding (Part One) (Part One)

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"The visiting time is up. Miss, please leave as soon as possible." The prison guard hung up the phone and took Ivy back.

Wendy kept looking at her. After a while, Ivy walked back decisively.

Sam pushed Wendy out and squatted beside her. "There's nothing we can't pass through. Wendy, let's move on."

Wendy felt that he took off her glasses and wiped the tears in her eyes.

"Let's go back."

Because of this matter, Coral always felt that Wendy didn't treat her as a mother, so she paid special attention to the wedding of Marvin and Wendy.

"I've already contacted the hotel. Has the wedding dress been sent here?" Coral was busy in the living room.

Recently, Wendy has developed a new hobby, which is painting.

Sam didn't know if it was because he didn't want see Wendy's family to prepare for the wedding actively, so he didn't want to be with Wendy twenty-four hours a day like before.

When Camila came back from work, she nervously walked into Wendy's room.

"Someone wants to see you."

Wendy, who was finishing a painting, didn't raise her head and said, "I don't want to see anyone."

"Well... It's Shirley."

Wendy stopped what she was doing and asked, "Why did she come to see me?"

"Our company has a new project development, and she is a partner."

"Yes, I heard that her husband's family is very rich." Wendy answered casually.

Camila turned her over and said, "My dear sister, she wants to see you now. Can you say something?"

"Why did she want to see me?"

"Sam. She wants to see you for Sam."

Wendy thought for a while and said, "Your wedding dress is here. Try it on."

"Alas, a director came to see you far away. Do you want to see her or not? Tell me."

"Where is she?"

"Oh, she will come to you." Camila patted her and left.

Wendy was not in the mood to paint anymore. She threw the brush aside and took out a album. When she was about to open it, she thought for a while and threw it aside.

Camila jumped to Coral and said, "Mom, this wedding dress is

is heart back then."

"What's the point of telling me this?" Wendy looked at her coldly.

"Wendy, I think you misunderstood Sam..."

"I don't think I need anyone to tell me what he has done to me. Miss Shirley, I heard that your son has a heart disease. I don't know how he is doing now."

"He just had an operation. Thank you for your concern." Shirley was surprised that she cared about her son.

"I'm just curious why you are so free."

Hearing that, Shirley felt a little embarrassed.

"Miss Shirley, I think you don't know much about me and Sam. There is no way back. No one can persuade you. I think you still have feelings for him. You came here just to find out my real identity. Now your goal is achieved, I and Sam will never be together again. You can rest assured to resume your relationship with him boldly, without caring about me."

"Really? Why are you so generous?"

"Oh, yeah, how could I be so generous?"

Taking a deep breath, Shirley leaned against the back of the seat and looked at the woman in front of her again.

The waiter served all the dishes one after another. Wendy was so greedy that she temporarily forgot her anger with Shirley and kept throwing the dishes into the pot.

"Are you hungry?" Not knowing when, Sam appeared in the hotpot restaurant. He was just behind Wendy. Shirley was sitting upright.

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