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   Chapter 165 The Past (Part Five)

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In a shabby hospital, the smell of disinfectant fluid and all kinds of sweat evaporated in the air mixed with the smell of smoke, making people feel sick.

It suddenly occurred to Coral that she fainted after she met Ivy. The first thing she did when she woke up was to touch her belly. Fortunately, the baby was still there.

"Hey, are you going to have dinner?" Outside the ward came the sound of the conversation between the two men, and Coral could not help but prick up her ears to eavesdrop.

"We couldn't go out for dinner. We need to keep an eye on the people inside. Mr. David said that we must keep an eye on her and don't let her run away. The thing in her belly is very important."

Coral covered her mouth with one hand and clenched the sheet into a fist with the other. Her eyes were full of tears of anger and regret.

"Oh, no wonder Mrs. Ivy seems to be pregnant too. Then the baby in this woman's belly..."

"What are you thinking about? Mr. David and Mrs. Ivy love each other so much. How could a bastard destroy their relationship?"

The two words "bastard child" deeply pierced into the heart of Coral. Her child was a bastard, just used to save the child of David's wife who was not born. And her child was doomed to be abandoned before it was born?

Coral couldn't sit still and wait for death. Since she had this child, she had the responsibility to protect her. The most important thing was to escape from here.

All Coral's decisions were carried out in accordance with Ivy's plan. All she wanted was to force Coral to leave David by herself. The play directed by Ivy had worked. The two temporary actors were irresponsible and derelict of duty in public one day, giving Coral a chance to escape.

David soon got the news that Coral had left. He had no idea what had happened at all. The people sent to look for her were nowhere to be found, and Coral seemed to have disappeared from the world.

In fact, she didn't disappear from the world. She hid in the house of an old woman in the countryside. The old woman was blind and mistook Coral for her daughter. Fortunately, the mistaking made Coral temporarily have a place to live. But there was no airless wall in the world, and Coral's body became more and more heavy. A pregnant woman suddenly appeared in the old woman's house. A gust of wind blew through the village. Even though Coral didn't go out all day, she could still hear passers-by talking about this strange woman.

As soon as the news spread, the whereabouts of Coral were exposed, but she was about to give birth. At that time, Ivy gave birth one day earlier than her. At that time, Ivy suffered a massive hemorrhage, and Coral was dodging the eyes of David.

Because of the difficult labor, the baby was dead. Ivy was in a coma on the operating table because of the great loss of her body. The doctor told David that she would never be able to have a baby again in her life. David was very sad, and he felt sorry for the baby who hadn't had the chance to see the world, but he couldn't give such a blow to Ivy at this time. The news would def

on his arm with her mouth. Her father gave her a slap and kicked her on the body.

Wendy suddenly ran over and pushed David away. She pointed at him and shouted that he was a bad guy. Then she held her mother's face and gently wiped the wound on her face with tears.

The mother and daughter hugged each other and burst into tears. Ivy cried hysterically and told Wendy that her father didn't want them anymore.

David looked at the mother and daughter in a daze. He went back to his room to pack up his clothes in silence. "What are you doing?" asked Ivy anxiously.

"Dad, please don't go..." Wendy ran up to David, holding his hand with luggage, and burst into tears. David squatted down and held Wendy in his arms. "Wendy, be a good girl. Dad and mom will be apart for a while. Wendy should be obedient at home."

"Daddy, don't you want mommy and Wendy?" Wendy pouted and looked at David with tears in her big watery eyes.

David felt a lump in his throat and pushed Wendy away. "Dad is just busy with his work. He will come back after he finishes it." After saying that, David rushed out of the door without looking back. Wendy ran out too. How could a child keep up with an adult? In a hurry, Wendy tripped over a hard stone, and her knees were scratched by a sharp stone. The bright red blood flowed endlessly like the open door. Ivy screamed in panic. Wendy kept crying, while Ivy whispered and comforted her. Ivy held her up and ran to the hospital.

In the end, Wendy was stitched more than ten times in the hospital, but she still stayed in the hospital for a few days.

At that time, Ivy knew that Wendy was not her biological daughter.

One day, when Ivy was sleeping with Wendy in the ward, a nurse called her to the nursing station.

"Your child's wound healed quickly. She can be discharged from the hospital." The nurse casually put Wendy's medical record card at the hand of Ivy, who took it over and opened it herself when she heard what the nurse said.

When she saw the blood type column, she was stunned by the blood type "O"?

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