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   Chapter 163 The Past (Part Three) (Part Two)

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Ivy only knew that he was starting a business. In order not to cause him any trouble, she considerately told David not to come to see her when he was busy.

David did it perfectly. He hide it from Coral and Ivy, but Mrs. Cindy hated him more and more. She couldn't change her daughter's mind, so she had to do something.

Cindy's means quickened the pace of David's revenge.

He began to persuade Coral and let her go to visit his company. As expected, after a round, Coral felt that her boyfriend's spirit of self-reliance was really commendable. But since the company was just started, it was actually a grid room of 20 square meters. It mainly engaged in construction, but it had already begun to take shape. There was no doubt that David's ability was good. In addition, the company had two engineers. It was a starting point.

Coral thought she should show her ability as a girlfriend, so she went back home and talked about this matter with her father frankly.

David was still young and impatient. As soon as Coral told her father that David started his business, her mother knew it. His newly started company was about to face a crisis. The first order they received was unilaterally terminated. Of course, David knew who did it.

Hearing that, Coral was very angry and questioned her mother why she did so. Her father was dissatisfied with his wife's behavior and was discontented with her.

Since her family had betrayed David first, Coral thought she should make up for it. She transferred most of the company's investment money to the account of David's company. She didn't tell anyone about it, but her father was almost pissed off when he knew it later. Fortunately, the investment was not b

d that every group of new products contained mercury, and many of the chemical components were seriously excessive. This news caused an uproar in the outside world.

The young and old people of Coral's family were all chased and intercepted by reporters in that era when the media was not very developed. In that era when cosmetics were emerging, Coral's father's company had already become a shame of the industry, and for a time, it had become a rat crossing the street.

Coral came to find David, only to find that the staff of their company didn't allow her to go in at all, and even insulted the girl with all kinds of unpleasant words.

Only then did she realize that his father's company could save the accident, but it would cost too much afterwards. The company had already been hollowed out by David, and it had become an empty shell. The once glorious Ji family, the leader of the business world, had gone bankrupt overnight.

Someone said that a new rich man had bought Coral's father's company, and that man was no other than David.

At that time, he happened to be in the church, holding his wedding ceremony with Ivy.

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